🏖Discover the Best Beaches of Spain in 2023 (+20)Best Beaches and Coves in Cádiz: information and touristic guide

Best Beaches and Coves in Cádiz: information and touristic guide

Cádiz is a city located in southern Spain, which also gives its name to the municipality and the capital of the province, located in the autonomous community of Andalusia. It is the third most populous city in the province just behind Jerez de la Frontera and Algeciras, specifically has about 120000 inhabitants. It forms one of the most touristic areas of Spain which is known as the Bay of Cadiz formed by: Port of Santa Maria, Jerez de la Frontera, Rota and San Fernando. We could place Cadiz in the top of tourist cities in southern Spain.

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As expected, the economy of Cadiz is based on the tertiary sector, tourism, commerce and port activities form the economic core of the Andalusian city.  Moreover, Cadiz dates as the oldest city in Europe, historically there are many documents and archaeological explorations that corroborate this. Therefore, if we are thinking of spending a vacation in Cadiz, in addition to its wonderful beaches that we will detail below, we have many historical attractions. As if that were not enough, if we plan to visit Cádiz on Carnival holidays, its carnivals are known to be one of the best in the world.

The most beautiful beaches and coves of Cádiz

The beaches of Cadiz, or rather its Costas are located in the famous Costa de la Luz, which is located south of Andalusia. Formed by Cadiz and Huelva, the Costa de la Luz reaches the city of Tarifa and begins approximately at the Mouth of the Guadiana River.  Its extension gathers approximately 260 kilometers of coastline of which no more and no less than 138 kilometers are beaches. Although in addition to beaches we will also find other natural sites typical of the province of Cadiz as Calas, Arenales or Ensenadas.

As for its beaches, it should be noted that it has beaches of all kinds. We have cinematographic beaches such as Playa de la Caleta where even James Bond has wanted to stop to film some of his movies. Other beaches are more historical in nature, such as Trafalgar Lighthouse Beach, where the famous battle was fought and to which it gave its name. There are also beaches for sportsmen, where we can carry out spearfishing, diving or even other sports such as WindSurd, KiteSurf … In total we will have more than 83 beaches to choose from, we have made a varied selection of what we consider the best, or at least those that at least once in life we must visit.

Beach Areas in the Province of Cádiz

Below you can see the most important beach areas of the coast of Cadiz:

Dog friendly beaches near Cádiz

Here is a selection of the best dog friendly beaches near the area of Cadiz:

  • Camposoto Beach

Surfing Beaches near Cádiz

Here are the most popular beaches for water sports such as Surfing, Windsurfing, KiteSurfing, Bodyboarding … near Cadiz:

  • La Cortadura Beach
  • Beach of La Yerbabuena

Beaches for Scuba Diving in the area of Cadiz

Diving is one of the activities that has gained more popularity in recent years, the best beaches for scuba diving in Cadiz are:

  • El Carmen Beach
  • Hierbabuena Beach
  • Regla Beach

The Weather on the Beaches of Cadiz

Below you can see the weather forecast for the next few days in the area of Cadiz Beaches:


Hotels and Apartments in the Beaches of Cádiz

Find the best Hotels and Apartments near the Beaches of Cadiz to enjoy a few days on the coasts of Andalusia:


Hotels for Families with Children in Cadiz Beaches

If you plan to spend a few days with your family in the beaches of Cadiz, these are the best hotels for children in the area:

  • Alegria Costa Ballena
  • Best Costa Ballena
  • Playa ballena Senator

Hotels for Adults in Beaches of Cadiz

If you want to spend a few days on the beaches of Cadiz, alone or with your partner or friends but with a space reserved for an adult environment, these are the best hotels:

  • Punta Carnero Hotel Singular
  • Rancho Los Lobos
  • Hotel Azalea Playa

Cheap Hotels and Apartments in the area of Beaches of Cadiz

Enjoy the best deals for Cheap Hotels and Apartments near the Beaches of Cadiz, and get the best price to spend your vacations at the Beach:


Map of Beaches and Coves of Cadiz

Here we leave a map where you can locate the best beaches of Cadiz, so that you can have a better reference of where they are actually located and how long it takes to reach each one, because sometimes although it seems that they are close we will have to use secondary roads, or even walk.

mapa de playas y calas de cádiz