The Best Beaches in the State of Jalisco in Mexico

Jalisco is a beautiful state in Mexico, and is home to some of the best beaches in the country. When you think of beach vacations, you probably imagine warm waters and white sand. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Jalisco has its own charm, and if you like to explore different cultures and try new things, then this could be the perfect place for you. The best thing about visiting Jalisco is that there are a variety of options available for all types of travelers. If you want to stay close to the beach, there are plenty of resorts nearby that offer great amenities like swimming pools and restaurants to eat at. Or if you prefer something more remote or nature-based, there are also plenty of campgrounds available along with other outdoor activities such as fishing trips or hiking trails.

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Jalisco

Careyitos Beach

Careyitos beach is a great place to go on vacation. It is located in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, and is one of the many beautiful beaches there. You can enjoy relaxing on the beach or swimming in the ocean. There are also restaurants nearby where you can eat something delicious.

Playa de Careyitos

Colomitos Beach

Travelers looking for a quiet beach experience in Mexico will find that Colomitos Beach is the ideal place. This secluded beach is located in Yelapa, a small town on Mexico’s Pacific coast, about an hour from Puerto Vallarta by boat.

Playa Colomitos

La PeƱita Beach

La PeƱita Beach is a great place to spend a day or two. It has everything you could want in a beach town: white sand, blue water and a lively atmosphere.

Playa La PeƱita

Las Gemelas Beach

Las Gemelas beach is located in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. The beach overlooks a spectacular rock arch and a quiet cove. The smaller beach to the north is much better for swimming, but is rocky.

Playa de Las Gemelas

Majahuitas Beach

Majahuitas Beach, in Jalisco, is an ideal place to spend a summer vacation. The beach is located between Puerto Vallarta and Cabo Corrientes, at the tip of Banderas Bay. It has calm waters, almost no waves and is surrounded by thick forests that provide shade during the day.

Playa Majahua

Tenacatita Beach

Tenacatita is an unassuming fishing village on the coast of Jalisco. It’s not the kind of place that attracts a lot of attention, but it deserves more than a passing glance. Tenacatita beach is one of Mexico’s hidden gems, offering fantastic snorkeling opportunities, good seafood and beautiful views.

Playa Tenacatita

Yelapa Beach

Yelapa is an incredible town in southern Mexico that has several attractions to offer. This place is known for being a quiet and peaceful place, with no pollution or crowds. Here you can find beautiful white sand beaches, turquoise waters and many outdoor activities such as surfing, diving and fishing.

Playa Yelapa

What to see in Jalisco? Tourist Places:

Jalisco is one of the favorite destinations for both Mexican tourists and international travelers. This state has a lot to offer, from the beautiful beaches of Puerto Vallarta to the historic center of Guadalajara. Here are some of the most popular tourist attractions in Jalisco:

  • Guadalajara Cathedral: This large white cathedral was built in 1710 and is located in the heart of downtown Guadalajara.
  • Teatro Degollado: Built in 1869 by architect Claudio Linati, this theater is considered one of the most beautiful structures in Mexico and has hosted numerous famous artists throughout its long history.
  • Plaza de Armas: The main square in downtown Guadalajara offers magnificent views of both the cathedral and Carso Park (a large park with several museums). The plaza also hosts an open-air market every Sunday morning, where you can find everything from fresh produce to handmade crafts at very reasonable prices!
  • Museo de la Cultura del Agua: Located near Puerto Vallarta, on the Malecon Norte, this museum contains exhibits on water conservation and conservation areas around Jalisco, as well as multimedia presentations on environmental issues affecting our planet today, such as climate change or pollution.

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Map of Jalisco Beaches

Mapa de Playas de Jalisco