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Careyitos Beach in Jalisco

Careyitos beach is a great place to go on vacation. It is located in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, and is one of the many beautiful beaches there. You can enjoy relaxing on the beach or swimming in the ocean. There are also restaurants nearby where you can eat something delicious.

What to do in Careyitos Beach in Jalisco?

Careyitos Beach is a long stretch of white sandy beach and clear, warm waters. You can rent boogie boards, enjoy the sun or go for a boat ride with your family and friends. There are also many restaurants and bars on this beach, where you can enjoy drinks with your meal or just have fun in the sun.

Playa de Careyitos

The water here is perfect for swimming and surfing because it is very warm (and sometimes quite calm). Also, it is not very deep: at high tide, the water comes up to knee height in some places, which is not enough to get wet.

The Weather at Careyitos Beach in Jalisco

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Webcam of Careyitos Beach in Jalisco

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Where is it and how to get to Careyitos Beach in Jalisco?

Careyitos beach is a great place to go on vacation because it has many restaurants, resorts and the beach is clean. The water is warm and there are many activities to do such as surfing, swimming or biking. You can also visit the nearby cities of Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara where you can enjoy museums, theaters and other places of interest.

Hotels and Apartments near Careyitos Beach

Find the best lodging deals near Careyitos Beach in Jalisco:

Careyitos Beach is a small secluded beach in the municipality of Tecolutla, Jalisco. The beach is located between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo. Careyitos beach has its own charm because it is relatively new compared to others in the area, having been developed less than 100 years ago.

The name means “Little Carey Beach” and comes from an American who settled there with his wife around 1900. The couple built their house near a river that flows into the Pacific Ocean and named it after themselves (Carey). After several decades, locals started calling it Careyitos Beach instead of simply “Carey’s place” or “El Largo de Careyitos“.

Best Restaurants to eat at Careyitos Beach in Jalisco

You will find a wide variety of dining options along the beach. Many restaurants offer everything from casual to fine dining, so there is something for every taste and budget. Some of the best options are:

  • El Calamar restaurant (tel.: 01 42-929-4040) offers seafood specialties such as octopus salad or grilled fish tacos with mayonnaise sauce. The view from its terrace is spectacular, overlooking the dunes and the sea beyond.
  • La Buena Vida (tel.: 01 42 927 3052) is only open on weekends and holidays in low season, but serves fresh seafood dishes, such as shrimp ceviche or lobster tacos, while enjoying live music or watching traditional dance shows performed by local families.
  • If you want something less formal than the fancy restaurants, but still want good food, then head to Bar Los Arcos, where they serve excellent cocktails, as well as appetizers like nachos or wings.