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Colomitos Beach in Jalisco

Travelers looking for a quiet beach experience in Mexico will find Colomitos Beach to be the ideal place. This secluded beach is located in Yelapa, a small town on Mexico’s Pacific coast, about an hour from Puerto Vallarta by boat. Colomitos is famous for its soft sands and gentle waves, as well as its location next to an elephant-shaped rock formation in the water at one end of the beach. In addition to being a great place to swim, Colomitos offers travelers several amenities, such as restaurants, bars and spas, so they can enjoy all that this little-known beach has to offer.

Playa Colomitos

What to do in Colomitos Beach in Jalisco?

Colomitos Beach is known for its soft sands and gentle waves. It is a great place for swimming, snorkeling, surfing or kayaking. It has no rocks or seaweed, so it is easy to get into the water. Colomitos Beach has several food stands where you can enjoy fresh seafood tacos or a cold drink in the shade of the palm trees while watching others play in the ocean.

The Weather in Colomitos Beach in Jalisco

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Webcam of Colomitos Beach in Jalisco

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Where is it and how to get to Colomitos Beach in Jalisco?

To get around and get to Colomitos Beach in Jalisco we have the following options:

  • By boat: You can take a boat from Puerto Vallarta to get to Colomitos beach.
  • By car: You can get to Colomitos Beach in Jalisco by car, but it won’t be easy because there are no roads leading directly there.
  • By plane: You can fly to Guadalajara and then take a cab or bus (or rent a car) to get to Colomitos beach in Jalisco. This is the easiest way to get there, but it is also the most expensive option on this list of ways to travel here.
  • By train: There are two trains that go directly from Guadalajara to Colomitos beach every day: one at 10 am and one at 2 pm every day (excluding holidays). The trip takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes in total if all goes well, but given how unreliable Mexican transportation systems tend to be (especially during rush hour), you may have to wait longer than expected before boarding.

Hotels and Apartments near Colomitos Beach

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Best Restaurants to eat at Colomitos Beach in Jalisco.

  • The restaurant at Colomitos Beach has a wide variety of food, including Mexican and international cuisine.
  • At the bar, you can enjoy drinks from around the world.
  • Massages and other treatments are offered at the spa.

What to do in Yelapa near Colomitos Beach?

Yelapa is home to a number of marine creatures, including the anemic yellow-legged crab. This species of crab is found in the waters surrounding Yelapa, and can also be found in other areas of Mexico. The yellow-legged anemone crab is known locally as the rubber coral crab or coral rubber crab because it has a rubbery texture that makes it easier for it to climb rocks and other surfaces (such as shipwrecks).

Locals have long regarded these animals as a tasty delicacy, to the point that they are sometimes called “Mexican lobsters” because of their similarity to lobster meat. It is not uncommon for Yelapa fishermen to catch these crabs by hand when fishing for shrimp or fish near the rocks where they live; however, most people prefer to buy them at local markets, as catching them yourself can be difficult without the proper equipment.