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Majahuitas Beach in Jalisco

Majahuitas Beach, in Jalisco, is an ideal place to spend your summer vacations. The beach is located between Puerto Vallarta and Cabo Corrientes, at the tip of Banderas Bay. It has calm waters, almost no waves and is surrounded by thick forests that provide shade during the day. You can visit this place both by land and by sea, however I recommend you to go by boat because there are beautiful views from the water.

What to do in Majahuitas Beach in Jalisco?

The beach is a great place to spend your summer vacation. It is quiet, relaxing and much better than any other vacation spot in Mexico or the United States. You can stay on the beach for hours enjoying the sun and the sea breeze. There are many activities you can do in this paradise: swimming, surfing, kite-surfing, sailing and snorkeling. You can also enjoy music with friends while sipping cocktails under the palm trees on the white sandy beaches or sitting in hammocks strung among the coconut trees talking about life with a bottle of tequila…

The Weather at Majahuitas Beach in Jalisco

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Webcam of Majahuitas beach in Jalisco

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Where is it and How to get to Majahuitas Beach in Jalisco?

There are two ways to get to Majahuitas Beach in Jalisco: by land or by sea. If you choose to travel by land, you can drive yourself or take a bus. If you want to travel by water, there are also options. By sea, there are water cabs that will take you directly from the town of Cabo Corrientes and for those who want an adventure there are also kayaks for rent.

If you are coming from Puerto Vallarta and want to arrive by land, what you have to do is go to Mismaloya and continue on highway 200 to Cabo Corrientes. The highway is a good road, but it is not a toll road. There are many restaurants along the way, so you can stop if you want something or need a bathroom break before continuing your trip. The beach is beautiful and there are places where people rent hammocks so you can relax while enjoying nature.

Hotels and Apartments near Majahuitas Beach

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Best Restaurants to eat at Majahuitas Beach in Jalisco

On the way you can see some famous restaurants in Mismaloya like El Barracuda restaurant or Muelle 57. These places are very close to the beach and have a very good seafood taste. If you want to enjoy a beautiful sunset, it is better to go early, because afterwards it will be too crowded and noisy for your taste.