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The 15 best beaches in Murcia

The beaches of Murcia are, in contrast to other areas of Spain, some of the quietest and best preserved. The attraction of them lies, above all, in the incredible natural landscapes that surround them, besides being mostly composed of fine golden sand.

The coast belonging to the region of Murcia, also known as Costa Calida, has about 250 kilometers, which gives it a large number of beaches that can be enjoyed. The good temperatures of the area throughout the year are another of the points in favor of the beaches of Murcia.

Another point in favor of the Costa Cálida is how little crowded it is compared to other coastal areas of Spain. This means that its beaches are not usually found in hyper-urbanized areas, respecting the nature around them. An important detail for those who enjoy a good natural landscape.

If what you want is a more cosmopolitan atmosphere, the beaches of Barcelona are a great option, not to mention the also known beaches of Valencia. On the other hand, if Murcia does not convince you and you want to look for another far from the big cities, the beaches of Cadiz are a delight.

The Most Beautiful Beaches and Coves of Murcia

Calblanque Beach (Cartagena)

Located in the Natural Protected Area of Calblanque Park, is considered one of the best beaches in Cartagena. Its fine golden sand, the good temperature and the nature that surrounds it are its main positive points, having one of the most beautiful landscapes of the area. It has about 300 meters, but it is not very crowded, so it is not a big problem.

Poniente Beach (Águilas)

With more than 1 km in length, a family atmosphere, and decent facilities, this is an ideal option to enjoy with children. It is just one of the many quality beaches that can be found in Aguilas.

La Carolina Beach (Águilas)

It is located in an area called “Cuatro Calas”, where we can also find the Cala Cerrada or Calarreona among others. These beaches stand out for their virgin state, quite difficult to find nowadays in Spanish tourist areas. It has a length of more or less 500 meters, and has a very comfortable fine sand. It is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Murcia.

Cala Cortina (Cartagena)

It is one of those with the distinction Q of Quality, and is perfect if you are looking for tranquility. The crystalline waters, combined with the rocks between them, make it ideal for diving. It is only 200 meters long but, being isolated from the main urban centers, it is not particularly crowded. It has basic services, such as toilets, litter garbage cans and parking among others.

Calnegre Beach (Lorca)

Awarded with the blue flag, it is one of the most virgin and paradisiacal beaches in the area, as it is located in a protected natural area. It is tiny, with only 190 meters long, and has fine golden sand. Not being located in an urban area, its concurrency never becomes high, so even being a small beach there are usually no space problems.

El Hornillo Beach (Águilas)

Urban beach and with basic equipment, although the accesses to it are not quite well adapted for everyone. It is easily reached by car. The peculiarity of this beach lies in the large concrete platform that goes into the sea in one of its areas, which formerly served as a pier for materials from mining.

Cala de las Mulas (Cartagena)

A beach of virgin aspect, which gives the sensation of being unexplored. The access to the same one is quite complicated, since it will be necessary to go walking for a footpath from the locality of the Belones, with an approximate duration of 45 minutes. It is recommended to carry provisions of water and food, since there are no services of any type in the area. It has only 180 meters long, but the turnout is low, given its poor accessibility.

Playa Paraíso (Cartagena)

One of the most visited beaches in the region, and therefore with the highest attendance. It is a fairly large semi-urban beach, located in La Manga del Mar Menor, and it is no coincidence that it was called “Paradise”. Undoubtedly, one of the beaches most beautiful of Murcia.

Playa de Percheles (Mazarrón)

This is one of the best preserved beaches, maintaining a virgin state, and being totally free of construction in its surroundings. This also produces that the services in the adjacent areas to the beach are scarce or null. The tranquility that is breathed in this beach is, for some, reason enough to ignore the defects that may have.

Bolnuevo beach (Mazarrón)

One of the beaches that stands out especially for the peculiarities of its landscape. In this case, the eroded rock formations that can be found in different areas of the beach are the protagonists. However, these rocks are not its only attraction, since the quality of the beach is not exactly bad. It has more than 1,400 meters long and golden sand. It usually has a high attendance in the summer season, and is accompanied by a promenade.

Reona Cove (La Manga del Mar Menor)

Located in Cabo de Palos, and with a fairly low occupancy rate, is one of the best beaches in Murcia for those who want to enjoy the tranquility. Its seabed is known for hosting one of the most important nature reserves throughout the Mediterranean.

Mar de Cristal (La Manga del Mar Menor)

One of the beaches of the region of Murcia that has the European blue flag, given the quality of its services and its good conservation. It is one of the places you can not miss if you visit the area of La Manga, being ideal to go with children, given the tranquility of its waters.

La Llana Beach (San Pedro del Pinatar)

It is the most visited of the area of San Pedro del Pinatar, being located within the Regional Park of Las Salinas and Arenales. It is more than 1 km long and its sand is fine and grey. The services in this beach are good, having access for handicapped people, toilets, beach bars, litter garbage cans and changing rooms among others. The dunes that protect the beach are one of its most peculiar details.

Azohía Beach (Cartagena)

One of the best beaches in Cartagena, and one of the most visited and crowded. In it you can not only resort to the typical sun and beach, as it has several activities, such as diving, which are equally attractive. It is about 800 meters long and, being an urban beach, has numerous services in its surroundings. It is composed of medium-grained sand and gravel.

Playa el Portús (Cartagena)

An urban beach with a high degree of occupation, located just over 10 kilometers from Cartagena. It is about 350 meters long and is composed of medium grain sand and gravel. In the urban area there is a naturist campsite.

Dog Beaches near Murcia

Here is a selection of the best dog friendly beaches near the area of Murcia:

  • Gachero Beach
  • Cobaticas Beach
  • La Calera Beach

Surfing Beaches near Murcia

Here are the most popular beaches for water sports such as Surfing, Windsurfing, KiteSurfing, Bodyboarding … near Murcia:

  • Paraiso Beach
  • Honda Beach
  • Las Palmeras Beach

Beaches for Scuba Diving in the Murcia area

Diving is one of the activities that has gained more popularity in recent years, the best beaches for diving in Murcia are:

  • La Casica Verde Beach
  • Levante Beach
  • Las Delicias Beach

The Weather in Murcia Beaches

Below you can see the weather forecast for the next few days in the area of Murcia Beaches:

Hotels and Apartments in the Beaches of Murcia

Find the best Hotels and Apartments near the Beaches of Murcia to enjoy a few days on the coasts of the Region of Murcia:

Hotels for Families with Children in Murcia Beaches

If you plan to spend a few days with your family in the beaches of Murcia, these are the best hotels for children in the area:

  • Senator Mar menor Golf Resort
  • Abity Beach Hotel
  • Las Lomas Resort

Hotels for Adults in Murcia Beaches

If you want to spend a few days on the beaches of Murcia, alone or with your partner or friends but with a space reserved for an adult environment, these are the best hotels:

  • Poseidon La Manga Hotel & Spa
  • La Manga Spectacular View

Map of Beaches and Coves of Murcia

We leave you a Map of the Best Beaches and Coves of the Region of Murcia, so that you discover how to arrive and where they are:

mapa de playas de murcia