🏖Discover the Best Beaches of Spain in 2023 (+20)The 5 Best Beaches and Coves of Nerja

The 5 Best Beaches and Coves of Nerja

Nerja is a small town in the province of Malaga. Its fishing and agricultural tradition, give Nerja a fantastic rural and coastal atmosphere to give you a getaway to the beach. The climate of Nerja is one of the main characteristics for which it is considered as a highly recommended tourist destination, and is that having 320 days of sunshine a year is a myriad of opportunities to spend a weekend at the beach of Nerja.

playas de nerja

Visiting Nerja means sun, rest, tranquility, something typical in destinations like Murcia, where you can enjoy some pleasures of the Mediterranean Sea such as: its gastronomy with the pescaíto frito to the head, as we said previously an enviable climate, a healthy environment because the hospitality and good character of its people is well known. So we invite you to think no more, dive into the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean Sea, and know the Beaches of Nerja.

The 5 most beautiful beaches of Nerja

As for the coast of the province of Malaga very opposite to others such as Galicia, it is well known that it is one of the favorite destinations to spend a few days at the beach, both for local tourists from Spain, as for foreign tourists, mostly from European countries such as Italy, England, Germany or France. Among all its destinations, Nerja is one of the best qualified by both groups of tourists, its history, its maritime charm, the hospitality of its people, its gastronomy, the climate… These are some of the factors that make Nerja one of the best beach destinations in Spain.

Burriana Beach

Burriana Beach is, so to speak, The Beach par excellence within the Beaches of Nerja. Located just a few meters from the urban center of the city, the food is another point in its favor, as its good access and proximity make it a very comfortable choice.

burriana beach

Carabeo Beach

The Carabeo beach or also known as Playa de Carabeillo or Playa de Carabeillo Chico, is located right in the center of Nerja, which is a point in its favor because it will not be far away wherever we are located within Nerja, however, its access which is essential to be through stairs makes it not the best choice if we want to go to the beach with someone who has reduced mobility.

carabeo beach

Calahonda Beach

Calahonda Beach is a real emblem for all those who know the area of Nerja, this beach in addition to itself that stands out by itself, is known for being located next to the famous Balcon de Europa which comes out countless times in the historic series of Verano Azul, access to the beach can be made through a well-known white shed, whose doors are blue and is called Boquete de Calahonda..

playa de calahonda

La Caletilla Beach

La Caletilla Beach is located just below the Balcon de Europa on the western side of this. Its scarce 50 meters long by 20 meters wide often make those who are not regulars in the area confuse it with a private beach, the fact that just the Hotel el Balcón is at his feet favors this conclusion, however you can rest assured that it is a beach 100% public 365 days a year.

playa de la caletilla

El Chorrillo Beach

Chorrillo Beach is the wildest of all those we have discussed Nerja, if you are a nature lover and you love those beaches without any service where you will only find water, life, sand, sun, and a tropical landscape, this is your beach.

playa del chorrillo

Dog friendly beaches near Nerja

These are the best dog beaches near Nerja, where our four-legged friends can also enjoy the sun and the sea to the fullest, as well as find new playmates:

  • Canine Beach of Torrox

Surfing beaches near Nerja

Surfing in Nerja is also possible, as well as practicing other water sports such as windsurfing or kitesurfing. Take advantage of the best tides in the following beaches in the area:

  • El Chanquete Beach
  • Benajarafe Beach

Beaches for Scuba Diving near Nerja

If you are a diving lover Nerja is also a good place to make a getaway. Some of the beaches for diving and snorkeling in Nerja are:

  • Burriana Beach
  • Cliffs of Maro Cerro Gordo

The weather in Nerja Beaches

Here you can see the weather conditions of the beaches of Nerja today, as well as a weather forecast in Nerja for the next days of the week:

Hotels and apartments in Nerja Beaches

Below you will find a detailed map with the available accommodations on the coast of Nerja, both hotels and apartments. Find the best deals of the season and make the getaway you deserve to one of the best coasts of Spain:

Hotels for families with children in Nerja Beach

These are the best hotels for families with children near the beaches of Nerja, as they offer a family atmosphere, fun and safe. In addition, they have activities for the little ones, as well as other amenities that can not be missed:

  • Hotel Puerta del Mar
  • Villa Flamenca

Hotels for adults in Playa de Nerja

If you are looking for a getaway for adults with a good atmosphere and close to the beaches of Nerja, these are some of the best options:

  • MB Boutique Hotel
  • Hotel Riu Monica

Map of beaches in Nerja

Below we leave you a detailed map with all thecoast of Nerja, the different beaches that we name here and others that we have not previously mentioned. In addition you can also orientate yourself in the historic center of the city in relation to how to get to the beaches.

mapa de playas y calas de nerja