🏖Discover the Best Beaches of Spain in 2023 (+20)Bilbao Beaches: 3 best Beaches in Bilbao that you can’t miss

Bilbao Beaches: 3 best Beaches in Bilbao that you can’t miss

Bilbao, or also known as Bilbo in Basque, is a municipality in northern Spain, which gives its name to both the town of the municipality and the capital of the province of Vizcaya. It is framed in the autonomous community of the Basque Country, and it is the most populous area of the entire region with more than 350 thousand inhabitants. In addition to the beaches of Bilbao, which are famous even worldwide (for the practice of various water sports such as surfing), the city has many reasons why we should visit it, its gastronomy known to be one of the best in Spain, its culture with a differentiating touch on the rest of Spain, and especially the city itself, its buildings, landscapes and people, make Bilbo a destination more than recommended as far as tourism is concerned.

The best beaches in Bilbao

The city of Bilbao as such does not have beaches, obviously, since it is an inland city, not coastal, however all these beaches that we will name below, are within an area in which we can move from Bilbao in less than an hour.

Dog Beaches near Bilbao

Here is a selection of the best dog friendly beaches near Bilbao:

  • Gorliz Beach
  • Hondarribia Beach

Surfing Beaches near Bilbao

Here are the most popular beaches for water sports such as Surfing, Windsurfing, KiteSurfing, Bodyboarding… near Bilbao:

  • La Arena Beach
  • Ereaga Beach
  • Galea Point
  • Barinatxe Beach

Beaches for Scuba Diving in the Bilbao area

Diving is one of the activities that has gained more popularity in recent years, the best beaches for diving in Bilbao are:

  • Bedarona Beach
  • Lapatza Beach
  • Ea Beach

The Weather in the Beaches of Bilbao

Below you can see the weather forecast for the next few days in the area of Bilbao Beaches:


Hotels and Apartments in Bilbao Beaches

Find the best Hotels and Apartments near the Beaches of Bilbao to enjoy a few days on the coasts of the Basque Country:


Hotels for Families with Children at Bilbao Beaches

If you are planning to spend a few days with your family in the beach area of Bilbao, these are the best hotels for children in the area:

Hotels for Adults in Bilbao Beaches

If you want to spend a few days on the beaches of Bilbao, alone or with your partner or friends, but with a space reserved for an adult environment, these are the best hotels:

Cheap Hotels and Apartments in the area of Bilbao Beaches

Enjoy the best offers for Cheap Hotels and Apartments near the Beaches of Bilbao, and get the best price to spend your vacations at the Beach:


Other Beaches in Bilbao

  • Gorliz Beach
  • Beach of Barinatxe-La Salvaje
  • Beach of Arrietara
  • Beach of Atxabiribil
  • Beach of Arrigunaga
  • Beach of Gorrondatxe

Bilbao Beaches Map

bilbao beaches map