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The Best Beaches and Coves of Sitges (Catalonia)

Enjoy the best beaches of Sitges, this is a small and very charming town located half an hour south of Barcelona. It has a large expanse of beaches on its various coasts. These have an excellent location that facilitates its access, in addition, they have all the necessary amenities and services on each beach. This has made Sitges an important tourist site, the preferred destination for the summer. We will show you which are the best beaches in Sitges and what makes them a special and different place.

The 4 most attractive beaches in Sitges

With such a variety of beaches, it is difficult to decide which one to go to first and, to know if they suit your personal circumstances. That is why we will show you the most attractive beaches in Sitges, to make your choice easier. The important thing is that you do not fail to visit this wonderful paradisiacal place. The beaches you must visit without fail are:

La Fragata Beach

La Fragata Beach is one of the smallest beaches, but there you can live incredible experiences. There are restaurants, bars, nets to play, scooters, and all the services for activities in the sea.


San Sebastián Beach

Possibly the most visited of all Sitges, it was chosen as the best urban beach in the world by the New York Times. The beach of San Sebastian is honored with the blue flag, so it is very visited in high season.

playa san sebastian

La Ribera Beach

La Ribera Beach is the beach with the best location in Sitges, it is located in the center of town and can be accessed by car or even walking. For this reason, it is not strange to see it crowded with people in the summer.

playa la ribera

La Barra Beach

Located on the outskirts of the town, it has calm waters and is a very intimate place. It is the ideal place to spend a family day with the little ones of the house. It has lifeguards and toilet facilities.

playa de la barra

Dog beaches near Sitges

Here is a selection of the best Dog Beaches near Sitges area:

  • Vallcarca Beach
  • Cellerot Beach
  • Santa Margarida de Cap de Grills Beach

Surfing Beaches near Sitges

Here are the most popular beaches for water sports such as Surfing, Windsurfing, KiteSurfing, Bodyboarding… near Sitges:

  • Sitges Beach

Beaches for Scuba Diving in the area of Sitges

Diving is one of the activities that has gained more popularity in recent years, the best beaches for diving in Sitges are:

  • Sitges Beach

The Weather in Sitges Beaches

Below you can see the weather forecast for the next few days in the area of Sitges Beaches:

Hotels and Apartments in the Beaches of Sitges

Find the best Hotels and Apartments near Sitges Beaches to enjoy a few days on the coast of Catalonia:

Hotels for Families with Children in Sitges Beaches

If you plan to spend a few days with your family in the beach area of Sitges, these are the best hotels for children in the area:

  • Sunway Playa Golf & Spa
  • Mediterraneo Sitges

Hotels for Adults in Sitges Beaches

If you want to spend a few days on the beaches of Sitges, alone or with your partner or friends but with a space reserved for an adult environment, these are the best hotels:

  • Boutique Hotel Davallada
  • The Villa Sunlight

Map of Beaches and Coves of Sitges

mapa de playas y calas de sitges