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The Best Beaches and Coves of San Sebastian (Donostia)

Welcome to San Sebastian, a coastal and beach city, known as the beautiful Easo, is bathed by the northern part of the Atlantic and located in the Gulf of Biscay. With a promenade in front of the bay of La Concha, where the wonderful landscapes of the northern coast coexist with the typical restaurants of the local gastronomy, directed by world-class chefs and recognized with numerous awards including “Michelin Star”. If we go into the Old Part of the city, we will discover a great variety of wine and pinchos bars and bars, along with some luxury stores.

Ondarreta Beach

Ondarreta Beach is bounded by the leafy Mount Igeldo and the well-known Miramar Palace, and located in the famous Old Quarter guarded under the gaze of the imposing Monte Igeldo Amusement Park.

playa de ondarreta

Zurriola Beach

La Zurriola Beach is bounded by Mount Ulia and the Kursaal, located in the well-known Barrio de Gros, and framed in a natural setting where we can even venture for a walk along the coast passing by the Faro de Plata.

zurriola beach

La Concha Beach

La Playa de la Concha or Kontxako hondartza (Basque) is possibly of all the beaches of Donostia the best known of all, visited by tourists and of course also frequented by locals.

playa de la concha

Santa Clara Beach (Island)

Santa Clara Beach is possibly the one that most surprises strangers when they visit San Sebastian. Why? Well, for the simple fact that this beach is located on an island, Santa Clara Island, just a few meters away and well visible from the coast of Guipuzcoa.

santa clara beach

Dog Beaches near San Sebastián

Here is a selection of the best Dog Beaches near the area of San Sebastian:

  • Zarautz Beach

Surfing Beaches near San Sebastian

Here are the most popular beaches for water sports such as Surfing, Windsurfing, KiteSurfing, Bodyboarding… near San Sebastian:

  • La Concha beach
  • Ondarreta Beach
  • Zurriola Beach

Beaches for Scuba Diving in the area of San Sebastian

Diving is one of the activities that has gained more popularity in recent years, the best beaches for diving in San Sebastian are:

  • Murgita Beach

The Weather in San Sebastian Beaches

Below you can see the weather forecast for the next few days in the area of San Sebastian Beaches:

Hotels and Apartments in the Beaches of San Sebastian

Find the best Hotels and Apartments near the Beaches of San Sebastian to enjoy a few days on the coast of Donostia:

Hotels for Families with Children in San Sebastian Beaches

If you plan to spend a few days with your family in the beach area of San Sebastian, these are the best hotels for children in the area:

  • Hotel Zenit San Sebastian
  • Hotel & Suites Arrizul Gros

Hotels for Adults in San Sebastian Beaches

If you want to spend a few days on the beaches of San Sebastian, alone or with your partner or friends but with a space reserved for an adult environment, these are the best hotels:

  • Axel Hotel San Sebastian – Adults Only

How to get to the beaches of San Sebastian ? Map of the beaches of San Sebastián:

how to get to the beaches of san sebastian

mapa playas de donostia