Beaches in Rota: TOP 3 of the best beaches

Rota, for those who do not know is a small town located in southern Spain, specifically in the province of Cádiz and framed in the autonomous community of Andalusia. The main attractions that make Rota a tourist destination more than recommended is as in almost all of southern Spain, a splendid climate almost all year round, a local cuisine worth discovering, and of course how could it be otherwise, an Atlantic Ocean that bathes its shores that makes the Beaches of Rota a destination more than recommended.

The best beaches of Rota: TOP 3

Costa Ballena Beach

playa costa ballena

Located as many will imagine next to the Costa Ballena hotel complex, we find the first of the 3 best beaches of Rota, the Costa Ballena Beach. One of the main reasons that it is in the Top, is that it is a beach that by regulation has been prohibited to build in the vicinity of it, so we are in an environment 100% natural and not urbanized. However, the beach has a multitude of services and facilities, so we can have all the comforts of an urban beach.  Its more than 4 km long make that despite having a high occupancy for all the advantages of this beach, finding a place is relatively easy at almost all times of the year.

Playa de la Costilla Beach

playa de la costilla

Unlike the previous beach, the Playa de la Costilla is located in the historic center of the town of Rota. So if we are looking for a urbanized beach, close to the center and with a great variety of services, the beach of the Costilla is a perfect choice. The only drawback is its high occupancy caused by how central and well located the beach is that makes anyone want to get close even for a stroll along the beach. Thus, its almost one and a half kilometers in length during the busiest times of the year can be scarce.

Beach of El Rompidillo – Beach of El Chorrillo

playa rompidillo chorrillo

If what we are looking for is a place to go to the beach with family and children, the beach of Rompidillo-Chorrillo is our ideal destination. Its waters are shallow, calm and without big waves. Around the beach we have an urbanized promenade with different places where we can take a break in the hours of more sun. Of course, we could not miss the blue flag, to this beach, since along with all that has a wide variety of services as: lifeguard service, access for people with reduced mobility, showers and toilets, bus lines, parking…

Other beaches in Rota

  • Beach of Aguadulce
  • Playa de los Galeones
  • Playa de Punta Candor
  • Puntalillo Beach
  • Piña Piedras Gordas
  • Playa Piedras Gordas

Map of beaches of Rota

rota beach map