🏖Discover the Best Beaches of Spain in 2023 (+20)Best Beaches in Estepona (Malaga): The 3 Essential!

Best Beaches in Estepona (Malaga): The 3 Essential!

Estepona is named after both the town and the municipality located southwest of the province of Malaga, and integrated in what is known as the Costa del Sol Western Costa del Sol. Of course, Estepona is a popular tourist destination especially in summer, since both its Mediterranean climate, its local cuisine and of course, the beaches of Estepona make this small corner of Andalusia one of the favorite places for tourists in summer. If for something besides all this stands out this municipality, it is for its Historic Center, which in case we go to visit Estepona or nearby, we must save a small gap to visit.

The best beaches in Estepona

Playa del Cristo Beach

playa del cristo

Within the town of Estepona, along the national road N-340 and located next to the sports center we find the playa del Cristo. One of the most striking peculiarities of this beach is its shell shape, which makes it look like a cove. However, do not be fooled since it is more than 700 meters long and has been awarded on more than one occasion with the Blue Flag distinction. As for its services, we will have: rental of sports equipment, rental of sunbeds and umbrellas, showers, garbage cans, changing rooms and access adapted for the disabled.

Galera Beach

playa de galera

Playa de Galera is, so to speak, the best attraction for those looking for good views on the beach, or beach photography. Its landscape, along with the little urbanized, and away from the urban center that is located make Galera beach a paradisiacal area where to escape from the worries of everyday life. It is also a fairly large beach, has approximately two thousand meters long, and 30 meters wide. Of course the large floating rock that we see is one of the icons of the beaches of Estepona. It should be noted that we can visit the nearby and emblematic Torre de la Galera which gives its name to this beach. As for its facilities despite not being very urbanized we can count with: showers, garbage cans and a stand where we can rent sunbeds and beach umbrellas.

Dorada Bay Beach

playa bahia dorada

Towards Marbella and passing by our previous protagonist (Playa de Galera) we will find the Playa Bahía Dorada. As for its dimensions it has approximately 700 meters long and 40 meters wide. The point of differentiation of Playa Bahia Dorada is the tranquility and remoteness that transmits, making it an ideal place to practice certain water sports such as fishing or scuba diving. Its waters along with the reflections of the sun and sand sometimes refract certain beautiful colors, which can lead us to take some pictures of scandal, yes, if we find the right time.

Other beaches in Estepona

  • Beach of Arroyo Vaquero
  • Costa Natura beach
  • Guadalobón Beach
  • Playa de la Rada
  • Playa de la Rada
  • Playa de Punta Plata
  • Playa de Punta Plata
  • Beach of Punta Pinillos
  • Playa de Punta Pinillos
  • Playa del Padrón
  • Playa del Padrón
  • Playa del Castor
  • Playa del Castor
  • Guadalmansa Beach
  • Playa de Guadalmansa
  • Playa del Saladillo
  • Saladillo Beach
  • Casasasola Beach
  • Playa de Casasola

Beach map of Estepona

Estepona beaches map