The 4 best beaches in Chiclana

Do you want to know which are the best beaches in Chiclana? Ā Undoubtedly, this is a very famous place and recognized for being a tourist center. What most attracts its visitors are its beaches considered the best in the province. What has turned Chiclana into one of the favorite destinations for tourists is the opportunity to enjoy pleasant activities on the seashore. Its bay has numerous beach bars, promenades and monuments. The various promenades and entertainment areas make it the ideal place to vacation.

The best beaches in Chiclana

Know which are the best beaches in Chiclana and why you can not miss them. The vast majority of people who visit this beautiful place do so in order to enjoy its beautiful beaches. Among the most popular are:

La Barrosa

An important tourist site that has several establishments of food, drink, crafts and sports centers. They also offer services of activities that can be performed on the beach. As far as lodging is concerned, La Barrosa has the best five-star hotels nearby, aparthotels on the shore of the beach and for the more adventurous the camping service in front of the sea.


El Puerco

Also known as Loma de Puerco, at one end there are several dunes and a cliff that form a beautiful landscape. It is an ideal beach to spend a day with the family, due to its low waves. It is located next to a prestigious hotel chain. The most outstanding services are surfing and hammock rental. It also has food establishments, umbrella rental, cleaning service, etc..



It has a high tourist value for being the bridge between the bay and the island of Sancti Petri where the castle is located. It is perfect for nature lovers, there you can appreciate the most beautiful sunsets in Andalusia. Boat rides, windsurfing, scuba diving or kayaking are some of the activities offered in this beach. Several bars and restaurants offer incredible dishes and encourage you with the delicious wine of the area.


Punta de las Piedras

It is another of the best beaches of Chiclana, its length is 1,400 meters, has a beautiful golden sand, the ideal distraction for the little ones. It is also perfect for surfing.