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Faro de Trafalgar Beach in Cádiz: Information, Webcam, Weather and Map

Trafalgar Lighthouse Beach was the scene where the famous Battle of Trafalgar was fought in 1805, if you are a fan of history, or war conflicts, a visit even without a swimsuit is a must. On the beach we will see a huge lighthouse, the mythical Trafalgar Lighthouse under whose light the Battle of Trafalgar was fought. Its classic appearance, robust and solid, contrasts with the delicate and beautiful image of its surrounding landscape, which generates a picture that seems most captivating and creates a kind of spell that will not let us stop looking at it.

playa faro trafalgar

Trafalgar Lighthouse Beach itself is about 2000 meters long. Its sand is known to be of a warm golden color and a fine and soft touch on which it is a pleasure to walk barefoot. Its waters boast a crystalline tone, although they tend to have many currents, we must be careful when bathing if we are not connoisseurs of the area since several bathers and some divers have drowned in its waters. It is not a beach frequented by foreign tourists, rather its public tends to be local people who know the area, which is why it has little additional services except for the cleaning service. However, as we emphasized before, even if we do not go to the beach with the specific intention of spending a classic beach day with umbrellas, baths and cold drinks in the sun, it is a visit more than recommended for its historical interest and its overwhelming landscape.

Webcam of the Trafalgar Lighthouse Beach in Cádiz

Below you can see a Live Webcam of the Trafalgar Lighthouse Beach in Cadiz:

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The Weather in Trafalgar Lighthouse Beach.

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Trafalgar Lighthouse Beach Map

We leave you the Trafalgar Lighthouse Beach Map, so you can get to your destination, either on foot, by public transport or by car.