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Sayulita Beach in Nayarit

Nayarit is one of Mexico’s states with a wide variety of tourist destinations, including beaches and lagoons, as well as beautiful colonial towns and cities. The state has many natural attractions that can be enjoyed by tourists such as waterfalls, caves and rivers. One of the most famous places to visit while in Nayarit is Sayulita Beach, where you can spend your days enjoying sandy beaches and clear waters while surfing or swimming.

Playa de Sayulita

What to do in Sayulita Beach in Nayarit?

Nayarit is a stunning state that is full of things to do, especially if you love the beach and water sports. The beautiful beaches offer many activities such as surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving and much more. You will have plenty of time to relax in your sun chair while enjoying an incredible view of the ocean. Sayulita Beach is one of the best places in this beautiful state. It has a small town feel, with a laid back atmosphere and great surf breaks. The beach itself is not crowded and has plenty of space for sunbathing or relaxing with friends.

There are plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from, as well as activities such as horseback riding and yoga classes if you want to get away from the waves or relax during your vacation. The days are hot and sunny, while the nights are cool and calm; this makes it perfect for people who want to go out at night but don’t want to deal with the extreme heat during daylight hours when they are relaxing on their trip.

Playa Sayulita

One of the best things about Sayulita Beach is its clean, clear waters. It’s not often that you can walk into the ocean and look directly at the ocean floor, and what you see is soft white sand. This means you are free to swim in comfort and safety. Also, the beach is wide enough that there is room for everyone; it is not crowded like others on this coast. We found plenty of places to sit, relax in the shade and enjoy our surroundings with a book or a conversation with friends, and if we wanted something more active (or just needed a break from sunburn), we could always go for a run on one side or the other.

The Weather at Sayulita Beach in Nayarit

Sayulita Beach has become an international tourist destination because of its natural beauty and great appeal to surfers. The local climate is tropical, with temperatures ranging from 20°C (68°F) to 28°C (82°F). Below you can see the weather forecast for Sayulita Beach in Nayarit:

The warmest months to visit this beach are from June to October. The temperature ranges between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius. The average temperature is 24 degrees Celsius. The rainiest months are from July to September, with an annual rainfall of 1,379 mm (56 inches). The driest months are November to February, with an annual rainfall of 581 mm per year (23 inches).

Webcam of Sayulita Beach in Nayarit

Enjoy this spectacular view of Sayulita Beach:

Where is it and How to get to Sayulita Beach in Nayarit?

Sayulita beach is located in the north of Nayarit, at the end of the road leading to El Potrero de los Funes National Park. This beach is well known for its warm and calm nights, ideal for surfing. Its waters are also excellent for swimming, snorkeling and diving. It has become a popular vacation spot for locals and tourists visiting this area during their vacations in Mexico.

To get from Puerto Vallarta airport take an Uber or cab service (they are cheaper) which will cost you around $20 USD per person depending on traffic conditions, so plan ahead.

Hotels and Apartments near Sayulita Beach

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Best Restaurants to Eat at Sayulita Beach in Nayarit

Nayarit also offers excellent dining options such as fish tacos at local restaurants like La Huerta del Pueblo, located right across the street from Playa San Pedrito, where there are over 100 restaurants serving delicious dishes prepared daily by their talented chefs.