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Klaipeda: Discover the beauty of the historic port on the Lithuanian coast

Klaipeda is a port city located on the western coast of Lithuania, known for its maritime charm, historic architecture, and rich culture. With a wide variety of activities, accommodations, and restaurants to choose from, Klaipeda is an ideal destination for those looking to immerse themselves in the history and beauty of the Lithuanian coast. In this guide, we will explore the top tourist attractions in Klaipeda and provide you with useful information to make the most of your visit.


What to do in Klaipeda?

In Klaipeda, there are many exciting activities to enjoy. Visit the Klaipeda Puppet Theater, which offers entertaining shows for all ages with prices ranging from 5 to 15 € per person. For those interested in exploring the natural surroundings, a river cruise on the Dane River is an excellent option. For a price of 10 to 20 € per person, you can sail down the river and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Activity Recommended number of people Approximate price Location
Klaipeda Puppet Theater 1-6 5-15 €/person Puppet Theater
Dane River Cruise 1-20 10-20 €/person Dane River Embankment
Maritime Museum 1-10 3-5 €/person Smiltyne
Klaipeda Old Town 1-10 Free Klaipeda Old Town


Hotels and apartments near Klaipeda

Klaipeda offers a wide variety of accommodations for all tastes and budgets. The Hotel Old Mill is a 3-star hotel located in the old town, with prices ranging from 50 to 80 € per night. It offers breakfast included and Wi-Fi connection. Amberton Hotel Klaipeda, a 4-star hotel in the city center, offers prices from 70 to 150 € per night, and features a restaurant, spa, and gym.

Hotel/Apartment Stars Approximate price Location Main services
Hotel Old Mill 3 50-80 €/night Old Town Breakfast included, Wi-Fi
Amberton Hotel Klaipeda 4 70-150 €/night City center Restaurant, Spa, Gym
Radisson Blu Klaipeda 4 90-180 €/night City center Restaurant, Bar, Gym


Where to eat in Klaipeda?

Klaipeda has a wide variety of restaurants to enjoy local and international cuisine. Monai, located in the Old Town, is a Lithuanian and European cuisine restaurant with prices ranging from €10 to €20 per person. Try traditional dishes such as cepelinai and cold beetroot soup in this cozy establishment. Višta Puode, in the city center, offers international and seafood dishes, with prices ranging from €15 to €30 per person.

Restaurant Type of cuisine Approximate price Location Best dishes
Monai Lithuanian, European 10-20 €/person Old Town Cepelinai, cold beetroot soup
Višta Puode International, Seafood 15-30 €/person City center Grilled salmon, crab salad
Memelis Lithuanian, Vegetarian 10-25 €/person Old Town Fish dishes, vegetarian options


Weather in Klaipeda

The climate in Klaipeda is oceanic, with cold winters and mild summers. Temperatures in summer usually range between 15 and 20°C, while in winter they can drop to -5°C. Humidity is generally high throughout the year. The best time to visit Klaipeda is from June to August, when temperatures are warmer and you can fully enjoy outdoor activities and the natural beauty of the Lithuanian coast.

Where is Klaipeda and how to get there?

Klaipeda is located on the western coast of Lithuania, on the shores of the Baltic Sea. You can reach Klaipeda by bus, train or car.
Bus: There are regular buses from Vilnius, Kaunas, and other Lithuanian cities to Klaipeda. The journey takes approximately 3-4 hours from Vilnius and 2-3 hours from Kaunas. Prices vary, but generally range between 10 and 20 €.

Train: Klaipeda has a train station that offers connections with Vilnius and other Lithuanian cities. Travel time is similar to that of the bus, and prices are usually comparable.

Car: If you prefer to travel by car, Klaipeda is about 300 km from Vilnius and 210 km from Kaunas. Roads in Lithuania are in good condition, but keep in mind the weather conditions and traffic during your trip.

We hope this guide has been helpful in planning and enjoying your visit to Klaipeda, a vibrant port city on the coast of Lithuania. Don’t hesitate to explore this charming destination and immerse yourself in its rich history and culture!