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Maguana Beach in Baracoa

Maguana beach is located in Guantanamo, east of Baracoa, Cuba. It is a beach located along the coast of the Caribbean Sea and has an extension of about two kilometers of clean white sand.

Playa Maguana

If you go to Maguana beach, the first thing you should know is that it is a remote, protected and isolated place. There are not many services or infrastructure nearby, so you will need to bring food and drink with you to stay hydrated.

What to do in Maguana Beach?

Maguana Beach is one of the most beautiful destinations for snorkeling, scuba diving and other water activities, as its coral reef bottom is worth watching. It is a relatively quiet beach, especially compared to other more touristy Cuban beaches. It also has a section for swimming as well as quieter areas with some hammocks for relaxing. There are some local restaurants around the beach and there is a dive equipment rental store. It is also ideal for outdoor sports such as volleyball, jogging along the beach, or even yoga and reflection in contact with nature.

Weather and Climate in Maguana Beach

The weather in Maguana Beach is generally considered mild and pleasant, with average annual temperatures between 27 and 29 degrees Celsius. Winter is mild, with minimum temperatures of 15 degrees Celsius, and summer is warm, with maximum temperatures of about 35 degrees Celsius.

Where is Maguana Beach and how to get there?

To get to Maguana beach from the center of Baracoa, the best means of transportation is by car or cab. You should take the main road to Baracoa. From there, take the road that goes to Maguana, and continue for about 16 km until you reach the beach.

The Best Hotels and Lodging near Maguana Beach.

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