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Canallave Beach in Liencres: Information, Webcam, Weather and Map

In the eastern part of the coast where Playa de Valdearenas is located, we have the beach of Canallave. On this occasion the shore leaves behind large cliffs, colonized by the native green so characteristic of Liencres. It is a beach of 250 meters long that gradually narrows until it disappears under the sea. Its fine golden sands are of the greatest comfort, ideal for relaxation. This area of the beach stands out for offering great views over the cliffs, as there are many paths that border them to become viewpoints overlooking the Atlantic. As it is logical, this impressive spot is usually crowded in high season.

Playa de Canallave

Like its companion Playa de Valdearenas, the beach has the same services. Therefore it is worth mentioning again the large free parking, from it emerges directly to the shore a wooden ramp with a slight slope. Also remember the location of the bar-restaurant, located on the edge of the cliff near the parking lot.

Features, Services and Activities in Canallave Beach

Features, Services and Activities 💡
  • Showers
  • Surf zone
  • Footbath
  • Trash garbage can
  • Phones
  • Cleaning service
  • Drinking establishments
  • Food establishments

Webcam of the Canallave Beach in Liencres

Below you can see a Live Webcam of the Canallave Beach in Live:

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The Weather in Canallave Beach.

Here you can see the weather forecast and climate for Canallave Beach in Liencres for the next few days:

Map of Canallave Beach

We leave you the Map of Canallave Beach, so you can reach your destination, either on foot, by public transport or by car.