The 8 best beaches in Huelva

If there is something that makes the beaches of Huelva stand out, apart from its good temperatures, it is the incredible extension of most of them. The coast of Huelva, which forms along with the beaches of Cadiz the Costa de la Luz, is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, and treasures countless endless sandy beaches, ideal for long walks.

The great extension of the beaches of Huelva also offers tourists enough space to be comfortable, because although in summer they are overcrowded (as almost everywhere), it is literally impossible to fill them. Other common denominators of the beaches of the coast of Huelva are the dunes and pine forests, which always accompany the surrounding landscape.

It is difficult to point out which are the best beaches in Huelva, as they all have very similar characteristics. Any of the most outstanding tourist areas of the province, such as Ayamonte, Cartaya, Punta Umbria, Isla Cristina, Mazagon or Almonte, contain enough beaches to enjoy a good vacation. If the area of the coast of Huelva is far away, the beaches of Valencia are also a very good option.

Best beaches in Huelva

Doñana beach

One of the jewels of the Spanish coast, which stands out especially for its pristine state, neatly preserved, as it is located in the Doñana National Park. The beach has a length of no more and no less than 28 kilometers, and its sand is golden and fine. Its natural state has as a counterpart the lack of services, so it does not have showers or stalls, for example (although this is also an advantage for those who value nature).

Beach of Matalascañas (Almonte)

It is part of Doñana Beach, but the 5 kilometers of urban stretch is considered as Matalascañas beach. This is the busiest beach in the whole area, partly thanks to the fame of Matalascañas, dependent population of Almonte. Being an urban type beach, it is just the opposite of what you can find in other areas of the Beach of Doñana. It has all kinds of services, including restaurants and beach bars where you can enjoy the best food.

Islantilla beach

One of those beaches that have been cared for and conditioned to offer the best of services, thus achieving awards such as the Q for Tourist Quality and the blue flag. It has an extension of more than 1.5 kilometers, and is located between the municipalities of Isla Cristina and Lepe. It is one of those that has a higher occupancy in high season, as it is not the largest in terms of extension, and is visited quite a lot. The services in the area, as indicated by the annual blue flag award, are numerous and quality.

Playa de Punta Umbria

It is the name given to a sandy area of more than 4 kilometers located in the municipality of Punta Umbria, which contains five different beaches: Los Enebrales, Punta Umbria, Mata Negra, La Bota and Punta Umbria. As there is no physical separation between them, the entire grouping is usually referred to as such. It is an area of very well maintained beaches, awarded the blue flag thanks to its many services, and its good maintenance.

El Parador Beach

Located between Matalascañas and Mazagón, it is part of a group of beaches known as Playa de Castilla, which includes two other beaches that we will talk about later. Like other best beaches in Huelva, it has the blue flag award, ensuring minimum requirements and services to be met. It has a length of 2 kilometers, and is located next to the spectacular Asperillo Cliff. The beach gets its name from the Parador Nacional de Turismo de Mazagón, which is located in the same place.

Cuesta Maneli Beach

Another of the 3 beaches that make up the great Playa de Castilla. To access it you will need to leave the car in the parking lot (it costs 2 euros) and walk along a pleasant wooden path, with a length of about 1,200 meters, and surrounded by a more than ideal landscape.  The prize is totally worth it, since the small obstacle of having to walk to it makes the turnout is low, offering maximum tranquility to its visitors.

Playa del Rompeculos

The third and last of the beaches that are protected by the great Asperillo Cliff, which you will also have to access on foot, leaving the car in the parking lot (again, 2 euros). In this case, the path is only 800 meters and does not become heavy.

Beach of El Portil

Located next to the areas of El Portil and Nuevo Portil, and with 3,600 meters long, is considered one of the best beaches in Huelva. Being an urban beach, the influx is usually high in summer, but it does not become uncomfortable, as it is very wide and there is plenty of space. It is another of the beaches of the coast of Huelva that has (or have ever had) the blue flag award. The tranquility of its waters makes it perfect to go with the little ones.