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Peñarrubia Beach in Gijón (Webcam)

Located between two high cliffs is located as a treasure of nature Peñarrubia Beach in Gijón. It is a beach that despite its proximity in kilometers to the center of Gijon is located in an area of nature, in fact, on days of bad weather may be closed as there may be landslides from the walls of the cliffs surrounding the beach.

Playa Peñarrubia

One of the highlights of this destination is the practice of some sports such as: Surf and WindSurf as the waves of this beach is sometimes conducive to the practice of these sports. In addition it is also common to find people doing other quieter activities such as diving or paddlesurfing, or even hiking through the mountains that are at the top of the cliffs surrounding the beach. In case we want to practice nudism is a beach where this practice is quite common.

Webcam of Peñarrubia Beach in Gijón

From the following Webcam we can observe Peñarrubia Beach live and online, located in the city of Gijón:

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How to get there, where is it? Peñarrubia Beach

Here is the exact location of Peñarrubia Beach in Gijón so that you can know how to get to this destination. As you can see on the map there is a parking near the beach, so in case of moving by car or motorcycle we can choose to park there.