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Gandia Beaches

Gandia is a city located in the Valencian Community, and undoubtedly one of the most tourist destinations in Spain. This tourism is largely due to the good climate that this area enjoys, several natural attractions, a very worked gastronomy, and a hotel environment of great tradition, especially near the coast, where we find one of the biggest attractions: The Beaches of Gandía.

The 4 Best Beaches of Gandía

The beaches of Gandia are known not only in Spain, but internationally as one of the best places for those looking for sun and beach tourism. Besides its proximity to the city center usually make them very easy to access and both the city and its amenities coexist with nature and the beach. Discover one of the most classic and well-known destinations, as well as all the secrets of the Best Beaches of Gandía.

Venecia Beach

With an extension in terms of length close to 150 meters we have the beach known as Venecia Beach, surrounded by the city and its green areas we can access it even going on foot. A very convenient destination if we want to spend a day at the beach without the need to move to isolated natural areas, which is to spend a day at the beach, easy, fast and simple, with decent facilities.

Venecia beach

Varadero Beach

Varadero Beach is a well known destination in Gandia, since it is a beach with special facilities to enjoy sunbathing, since we have hammocks, eating areas, or even leisure activities all integrated into the same beach. We will have restaurants, solariums … all accompanied by a pleasant climate, and a dip in the sea. Ideal for all those who are looking for something more than planting the towel on the sand.

Varadero Beach

Nord Beach

Nord Beach is probably the most popular beach in Gandia, especially among the tourist environment, in fact sometimes it is also known as Playa North. It is located at the foot of the holiday resorts, hotel complexes and apartments typical of the area. It is a huge beach, with more than 3 kilometers long, and with all kinds of services such as bathrooms, toilets, showers, promenade with bars and restaurants… and most importantly a 5 minute walk from your vacation home. Enjoy what is known as classic sun and beach tourism in Gandia by spending a day at Playa Nord.

Nord Beach

L’Ahuir Beach

Unlike its predecessor, l’Ahuir Beach is so to speak the most isolated destination of all the beaches on this list, it is not an urbanized beach with all services, but a much more remote location that is surrounded by sand dunes. It has more than 2 kilometers long and it is common to see many animal lovers since it is allowed to bathe in the company of your dog, and enjoy a day at the beach with your pet. Being a remote natural setting is also recognized for the practice of nudism, in fact it is one of the few nudist beaches in Gandia.