🏖The Best Beaches, Coves, and Coasts of Poland.Rewaler beach: Your Travel Guide to this Polish Paradise

Rewaler beach: Your Travel Guide to this Polish Paradise

Are you looking for a unique tourist destination for your next vacation? How about a beautiful beach in the heart of Poland? Yes, you read that right. Discover Playa Rewaler and embark on an experience that will leave you wanting more. Are you ready for the adventure?

Playa Rewaler

Unmissable Activities at Playa Rewaler

Playa Rewaler offers a wide range of activities, from water sports to scenic walks. Here are some options for you:

Activity Recommended People Approximate Price Location
Boat Ride 1-4 Starting from 100 PLN Playa Rewaler
Hiking All Free Nearby hiking trails
Beach Picnic All Depends on the budget Playa Rewaler

Accommodation Near Playa Rewaler

There is a wide range of accommodation options nearby Playa Rewaler to suit different budgets. Here are our top picks:

Hotel Stars Approximate Price Location Main Services
Hotel Rewaler 3 Starting from 200 PLN In Rewaler Free Wi-Fi, Breakfast included, Beach access
Hotel Polaris 4 Starting from 400 PLN Near Playa Rewaler Swimming pool, Restaurant, Spa
Hotel Wellness ProVita 4 Starting from 350 PLN Near Playa Rewaler Spa, Swimming pool, Gym


Nearby Places of Interest at Playa Rewaler

In addition to the beach, Rewaler has many interesting sites. Here are our recommendations:

  • Wolin National Park: An impressive national park known for its wildlife diversity and natural beauty.
  • Niechorze and Rewal Lighthouses: Historical icons of the region, offering stunning views of the Baltic Sea.
  • Church of St. John the Baptist: An architectural gem with a rich local history.

Where to Eat at Playa Rewaler?

Rewaler offers a variety of culinary options, from traditional Polish dishes to international cuisine. Here are our recommendations:

Restaurant Cuisine Approximate Price Location Best Dishes
Restauracja Ambasador Polish Cuisine 30-60 PLN Downtown Rewal Pierogi, Golabki
Restauracja Wolin Seafood 50-100 PLN Near the beach Cod, Fish Soup
Restauracja Polska International 30-70 PLN Downtown Rewal Pasta, Crepes

Weather at Playa Rewaler

Rewaler has a temperate oceanic climate. The average temperature in summer ranges from 20-25°C. The best time to visit is from June to September, when the weather is warmer and there is less rain.

Where is Playa Rewaler and How to Get There?

Rewaler is located on the northwest coast of Poland. It can be reached by car, train, or bus from major cities. From Szczecin, you can take a train that will take you to Rewal in approximately 3 hours. If you prefer driving, the E28 route will get you there in less than 2 hours.

So, what are you waiting for? Embark on your next adventure to Playa Rewaler and discover the beauty of northern Poland.