🏖The Best Beaches, Coves and Coasts of NamibiaBay of Henties, Make the most of your vacation

Bay of Henties, Make the most of your vacation

Do you want to discover a unique and exciting tourist destination? Look no further! The Bay of Henties in Namibia is the perfect place for your next vacation. Keep reading and discover everything you need to know to make the most of your visit. But what makes this bay so special? Keep reading and you’ll find out!


What to do in Bay of Henties: Activities and adventures for everyone

The Bay of Henties is a perfect destination for all tastes and ages, offering a wide variety of activities and attractions. From thrilling water sports to marine life observation, here you’ll find something for every member of the family. Below, we present a comparative table of the best activities to do in the Bay of Henties.

Activity Number of recommended people Approximate price Location
Surfing 1-2 $50 Main beach
Seal watching 2-10 $30 Nature Reserve

Hotels and apartments near Bay of Henties: Find your ideal accommodation

The Bay of Henties offers a wide range of hotels and apartments for all budgets and preferences. Here is a comparative table with the best accommodation options in the area.

Hotel/Apartment Stars Approximate price Location Main services
Hotel X 4 $100 City center Pool, wifi, breakfast included
Apartment Y 3 $70 Beach Fully equipped kitchen, terrace, parking

Nearby places of interest: Explore the beauty of the surroundings of Bay of Henties

The Bay of Henties is the perfect starting point to explore the natural and cultural wonders of the region. Discover the most fascinating places of interest near this coastal paradise.

Where to eat in Bay of Henties: Taste the delicious local cuisine

Enjoy the authentic flavors of the Bay of Henties in its numerous restaurants, which offer a wide variety of culinary options. Here is a comparative table of the best restaurants to delight your palate.

Restaurant Type of food Approximate price Location Best dishes
Restaurant A Seafood $20 City center Grilled lobster, ceviche
Restaurant B Local food $15 Beach Biltong, potjiekos

The weather in Bay of Henties: Enjoy the perfect climate for your vacation

The weather in Bay of Henties is pleasant throughout the year, with temperatures ranging from 15°C to 25°C. The humidity is low, which makes the weather very comfortable. The best time of the year to visit the bay is between March and October, when temperatures are milder and conditions are ideal for outdoor activities.

Where is and how to get to Bay of Henties: Plan your trip with ease

Bay of Henties is located on the west coast of Namibia, about 70 km north of Swakopmund. To reach this beautiful destination, you can choose from different means of transportation:

What sports can we practice in Bay of Henties: Keep the adrenaline flowing

The Bay of Henties is the perfect place to practice sports and outdoor activities. In addition to surfing, you can enjoy sports such as kitesurfing, diving, fishing, and hiking in the nearby dunes and mountains.

Can we go with children to Bay of Henties: A family destination par excellence

Of course! Bay of Henties is an ideal destination for families with children, as it offers a wide variety of activities and attractions suitable for all ages. From quiet and safe beaches to adventure parks and entertainment centers, your little ones will enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

Map of Bay of Henties location