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The Chachalacas Beach in Veracruz

Chachalacas beach is a beautiful golden sand beach on the southern coast of Mexico. It is one of the most popular destinations for tourists visiting Veracruz, and for good reason! Along this stretch of coastline you’ll find clear blue waters, pristine sand and palm trees.

What to do in Chachalacas Beach in Veracruz?

Chachalacas Beach is a great place to spend a day in Veracruz. The beach offers amazing views of the Gulf of Mexico, as well as plenty of activities like swimming, fishing or surfing. There are also many hotels and restaurants nearby if you want to spend the night or eat while you are in this beautiful place.

Playa de Chachalacas

The beach is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing and biking. Surfing and paragliding are also available. If you want to spend some relaxing time on a beach while enjoying the tropical weather, Chachalacas beach is the place to go. There are hotels nearby and many activities to do on the beach.

The best time to visit this beach is during the summer; however, it can get crowded during that season. Also, if you plan to spend the night at one of the nearby hotels, be sure to book in advance, as they fill up quickly.

The Weather at Chachalacas Beach in Veracruz

Below you can see the weather forecast for Chachalacas Beach in Veracruz:

During the months of March through May, a temperature of 26°C (79°F) can be expected. The average rainfall during this time is approximately 1.5 meters per month.

Webcam of Chachalacas Beach in Veracruz

Enjoy this spectacular view of Chachalacas Beach:

Where is it and How to get to Chachalacas Beach in Veracruz?

The first thing to know about Chachalacas beach is how to get there. If you are coming from the north of Veracruz, take a bus from Boca del Rio (about three hours away) or Minatitlan (one hour away). If you are coming from the south of Veracruz, take a bus from Coatzacoalcos (about 45 minutes) or Cordoba (one hour).

From Mexico City: Take a bus from Mexico City’s North Terminal to Xalapa and then take another bus in the direction of Veracruz from there. The trip will take about six hours in total, including transfers. If you are traveling by car, make sure your vehicle has air conditioning and sufficient fuel before embarking on any long journey through Mexico’s hot climate during the summer months (June-August).

Hotels and Apartments near Chachalacas Beach

Find the best lodging deals near Chachalacas Beach in Veracruz:

Chachalacas beach has many hotels and guesthouses to choose from. The best way to find a place to stay is by searching in the search engine we have provided above. The most popular hotels in Chachalacas Beach are Hotel La Perla, Hotel Villa del Mar and Hotel La Perla.

Best Restaurants to eat at Chachalacas Beach in Veracruz

There is plenty to do on Chachalacas Beach. There are restaurants, bars and stores where you can eat or drink. The beachfront pool is a great place to relax. You can also book treatments at the spa next door if you feel like it. There are also yoga classes on the beach every day, so come and join in. If you have time for some water sports, try paddle boarding or scuba diving; both activities are also very popular on this stretch of sand.