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Langosta Beach in Cancun

Langosta Beach is a one-kilometer stretch of white sandy beach and gentle waters. The Langosta Beach Club is an all-inclusive resort offering activities such as water polo and snorkeling. To get to Playa Langosta, you can take a bus to the public access entrance or you can book a room at the Langosta Beach Club. Nearby, in Puerto Morelos, there are other beach options if you don’t find what you are looking for at Playa Langosta. Children are allowed on this beach, but will need to be supervised at all times due to possible currents.

What to do at Playa Langosta in Cancun?

Langosta Beach is a mile-long stretch of beach with white sand and gentle waters. It is about 1,000 feet, or about 300 meters. One kilometer equals about six-tenths of a mile, so it’s a pretty long beach by American standards: you could fit seven soccer fields end to end on it! Soft water can mean two things: first, that the ocean bottom is sandy and not rocky; second, that the waves are gentle enough not to disturb marine life (or swimmers). Hard water refers to a high mineral content in the water itself; this makes it feel rough when you put your hand in it.

Playa Langosta en Cancún

An all-inclusive resort is one that offers a wide range of activities and services, such as food and beverages, transportation to and from the airport, room service throughout the day and night, entertainment options such as live music or nightly shows. Water polo is the sport of swimming while holding an inflated ball. The first game took place in England in 1876; it was originally called “water rugby”. It was introduced in Mexico by British sailors who played there during World War II. Snorkeling consists of swimming underwater with a breathing tube to observe fish and other sea creatures.

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Where is and how to get to Langosta Beach in Cancun?

To get to Langosta Beach, you can take a bus to the public access entrance or you can book a room at the Langosta Beach Club. The public access entrance is free of charge. For those who want better facilities, it is recommended that you book rooms at the Langosta Beach Club. Rooms at this hotel cost $570 per night and include air-conditioning, satellite TV, private bathrooms and balconies with ocean views.

There are several activities available, such as snorkeling or taking a boat ride in Cancun’s bay; however, if you just want to relax under the palm trees, this beach is perfect for that as well.

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