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Caracol Beach in Cancun

Caracol Beach is a beautiful beach located in the heart of Cancun. It is only 15 minutes from downtown and offers soft sands, unobstructed views and large palm trees for shade. The water is turquoise and calm, perfect for swimming, snorkeling or just relaxing on the shore.

What to do in Caracol Beach in Cancun?

Caracol beach is a great place to swim, but if you want to avoid the crowds, this is not the beach for you. The palm trees provide shade for swimmers and there are not many people on the beach. It is very quiet and the water is beautiful. Caracol beach is perfect for relaxing because it is not crowded at all. If you have time off from work or school, come here with your friends or family!

Playa Caracol en Cancún

This beach is quiet, which means you don’t have to worry about waves crashing against the shore and getting into your stuff. You can also rent umbrellas at Caracol Beach if you want to be shaded from the sunlight or rain showers while enjoying your time here. Caracol Beach is easily accessible from Cancun, but is a relaxing getaway from the city. You can rent a cabana, rent paddle boards and snorkeling gear, and there are plenty of restaurants nearby.

Hotels and Apartments near Caracol Beach

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The Weather at Caracol Beach in Cancún

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Caracol Beach webcam in Cancun

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Where is and how to get to Caracol Beach in Cancun?

Caracol Beach is one of the best beaches in Cancun, and is only a fifteen minute drive from downtown. The beach itself is located in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, with white sand on one side and rocks on the other. You can enter Caracol Beach through a gate or even rent a kayak to explore this beautiful destination.

Best Restaurants to eat at Caracol Beach in Cancun.

You’ll find that there are several food vendors on foot selling snacks like tacos, burritos and more!