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La Ropa Beach in Guerrero

Although Mexico has many popular beaches, one that is not often mentioned is La Ropa. This beach is located in the town of San Agustin de Tlacotepec de Mejia, which is in the state of Guerrero. The name “La Ropa” means “clothes” in Spanish and was given this name because of the clothes washed ashore after a shipwreck that occurred nearby.

What to do in La Ropa Beach in Guerrero?

The beach is divided into two areas: La Ropa, which is on the Pacific side and has a small number of restaurants; and the neighboring Brava Beach, where you will find more restaurants. Both are nice and safe, but if you want to be away from the crowds, choose La Ropa. There are also many places to snorkel or dive around this beach. One of them is the shipwreck of El Cordobes (it’s actually not on the beach, but across the street), which was sunk by pirates in 1530 with 400 passengers on board. There is even a statue commemorating those who died during the attack.

Playa La Ropa

There are also other dive stores here that offer tours and rentals for anyone interested in diving without first having to worry about equipment or lessons (which can cost quite a bit). They are open every day except Wednesday afternoons, when the locals go out for their weekly party. The beach is also known for its calm waters, making it ideal for families with young children who want to play in the sand without worrying about being knocked over by strong waves.

The neighboring town also has a lot to offer vacationers.

  • There is a lot of history here.
  • There are many places to eat, drink and shop.
  • The market with many vendors is large and worth exploring for hours.
  • There are several hotels and hostels available for those who want to spend the night in Playa La Ropa instead of renting a room just for the day.

Playa de La Ropa

In addition, there are several places where you can rent bicycles and scooters if you want to get around town without having your own vehicle or getting stuck in the traffic jams of other tourists driving their cars around the area.

The Weather at La Ropa Beach in Guerrero

Below you can see the weather forecast in La Ropa Beach in Guerrero:

Webcam of La Ropa Beach in Guerrero

Enjoy this spectacular view of La Ropa beach:

Where is it and how to get to La Ropa Beach in Guerrero?

For those looking to visit the beach and don’t want to spend a fortune on airfare, Huatulco is a great option. The airport is small and easy to get around, with multiple flights departing daily in both directions. The flight takes about four hours from Los Angeles or Dallas, but there are also direct flights from New York, London and Mexico City.

Hotels and Apartments near La Ropa Beach

Find the best accommodation deals near La Ropa Beach in Guerrero: there are many accommodations available at great prices. There are accommodations in the nearby town, and all are great for families with children. The accommodations have plenty of space, so you will never feel cramped. They also have good sea views.

The most important thing when choosing accommodation is not to be afraid to ask the hostel or hotel staff what you need. If you want something specific from your stay at La Ropa Beach, such as a private bathroom or access to WiFi, then be sure to ask while booking your trip.

Best Restaurants to Eat at La Ropa Beach in Guerrero

There are also a few restaurants and stores nearby, so you can easily buy snacks and drinks.