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Las Gatas Beach in Guerrero

Las Gatas beach is located in the town of Zihuatanejo, Guerrero. It has white sand and clear water with views of the surrounding mountains. The best time to visit Las Gatas beach is from October to May. The water temperature is perfect for swimming during this period. From May to September it is much warmer and there are not as many fish near the shore, but it is still nice to visit if you are looking for a warm day by the water or just want a quiet place to read a book.

Playa de Las Gatas

What to do in Las Gatas Beach in Guerrero?

Along the beach there are dive stores and swimming schools. There is a diving school that offers courses in first aid, rescue and scuba diving, as well as classes on other topics such as underwater photography. They also offer accommodation for their students at a reduced price.

Vendors on the beach sell everything from souvenirs to food and drinks. If you don’t have your own mask or fins, you can rent scuba gear here; it’s usually cheaper than buying it outright, and you can try out different excursions before deciding on the one that best suits your travel style.

Playa Las Gatas

The beach is available for rent. It has sun loungers and umbrellas and is ideal for a day of fun in a picturesque setting. You will be approached by vendors selling a variety of products, so don’t feel pressured to buy anything if you are not interested in doing so.

Las Gatas beach has a nice warm ocean current perfect for swimming and snorkeling. The beach is an ideal place for water sports and is a great place for snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking or kite surfing. In addition to these activities there are other activities such as cycling along the coast that can be enjoyed on this beach.

The Weather in Las Gatas Beach in Guerrero

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Webcam of Las Gatas Beach in Guerrero

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Where is it and how to get to Las Gatas Beach in Guerrero?

The beach is about 20 minutes from the main square of El Puerto de Santa Maria and is accessible by cab or bus (you can also walk). The beach can also be accessed by boat.

Boats leave from the main pier in Puerto Escondido and arrive at Las Gatas beach about 30 minutes later. Boats leave every hour (from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm) and cost between 100 and 150 pesos per person, depending on where you sit.

Hotels and Apartments near Las Gatas Beach

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Best Restaurants to Eat at Las Gatas Beach in Guerrero

The beach is no place to go hungry. Vendors wander up and down the sand with their wares, offering food and drink for sale. The menu includes freshly shucked oysters, ceviche, fried fish sandwiches with avocado and vegetables, and fresh coconuts. Be sure to bargain with the vendors, as prices are negotiable. The area is known for its seafood restaurants, where you can dine on freshly caught fish from nearby fishermen’s boats.