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Aguacate Beach in Guerrero

Aguacate beach is located in Guerrero, not far from Taxco. It is known for being a great place for surfing and also a hot spot for diving. The hot springs and two nearby rivers make this beach special because they supply water to the people during the dry season.

Playa de Aguacate

Aguacate has been kept in good condition because of its natural beauty and its isolation from big cities like Acapulco and Mexico City. There are no large hotels or restaurants here; only small hotels made up of bungalows that offer visitors privacy along with comfort when staying overnight on this beach.

What to do in Aguacate Beach in Guerrero?

In addition to the secrets that this beach holds, there are also two nearby rivers with hot springs. The local population has known this place for many years and has been coming here to bathe in its waters for centuries. The beach is not very big and does not have big waves, but it has some interesting features: it is surrounded by cliffs on both sides, which makes it difficult to access from land. However, this beach can be accessed from a boat, including small boats or kayaks; so if you are looking for a place where you can relax in calm waters without worrying about getting into dangerous waves or currents (or even falling in!), then Aguacate beach should be your first choice.

Playa del Aguacate

Also note that there are several small hotels and restaurants near the shore of Aguacate Beach, so if you want a place where there will be fresh seafood dishes waiting for you every day when you arrive at your hotel after spending time exploring other parts of Mexico’s Pacific Coast region, then consider staying here while visiting the state of Guerrero. The nearby mountains are full of caves to explore. If you walk along the water during low tide, you can see many types of animals in their natural habitat. Some caves have been used by humans over 1,000 years ago, although not much has changed since then!

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Where is it and how to get to Aguacate Beach in Guerrero?

Aguacate beach, north of Taxco in the state of Guerrero, has long been known as one of the best kept secrets for surfers. It’s hard to find an empty spot, and when you do, it’s usually because someone is surfing there.

Hotels and Apartments near Aguacate Beach.

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Best Restaurants to eat at Aguacate Beach in Guerrero

The water is crystal clear, fresh fish, crabs and other seafood are available at the market and you can also enjoy delicious meals at one of the many restaurants.