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The Tecuanillo Beach in Colima

Tecuanillo beach is located south of Colima City and at the entrance of the Comala-Manzanillo highway in the municipality of Comala. The sand of Tecuanillo beach is fine and gray, while on the other side it tends to be dark and rough; in both there are small rocks that give a beautiful contrast to the beach. To get to this beach you have to take the road to Manzanillo, about 28 km from Colima, exit through an access and then continue for about 7 minutes, until you reach a parking lot and several restaurants. It is an ideal beach for those who like calm waters, since its coastline has some rocks that break the waves and make them slower, which makes it safe for children. Although it has no bathrooms or showers, this beach has services such as food stands, palapas (hammocks) and even Wi-Fi.

Playa de Tecuanillo

What to do at Tecuanillo Beach in Colima?

The beach has a wide range of services, including restaurants and bars, several hotels and apartment buildings with swimming pools, lifeguards and medical attention. It has irregularly shaped sand formations with great depths that extend for about half a mile into the sea. The temperature can vary depending on the time of exposure to sunlight; however, if you stay close to the shore, you will find it cooler than other beaches along this coastline, due to its proximity to the land mass, which prevents some direct rays from reaching the areas closer to the shore.

Playa de Tecuanillo en Colima

Tecuanillo beach has many things that make it a fun place to visit: there are volleyball courts right next to it so you can play or watch others play; there is also an area where children can play while their parents relax under nearby umbrellas reading magazines or eating while listening to music coming from portable speakers connected to their phones via Bluetooth technology (yes, they work here too!). You can even rent chairs if yours are no longer comfortable enough after sitting in one position for too long.

The Weather in Tecuanillo Beach in Colima

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Webcam of Tecuanillo Beach in Colima

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Where is it and how to get to Tecuanillo Beach in Colima?

Tecuanillo Beach is located south of the city of Colima and at the entrance of the Comala-Manzanillo highway, in the municipality of Comala. To get to this beach, take the highway to Manzanillo, about 28 km from Colima, exit through an access road and then continue for about 7 minutes until you reach a parking lot and several restaurants.

This beach is located on Tecuanillo Beach (also known as Tecuaníl de Abajo), which is part of the municipality of Comala and is near Manzanillo in the state of Colima. Tecuanillo beach is one of the most important tourist attractions in Colima. The beach is located just north of Manzanillo and is only a 15-minute drive from downtown.

Hotels and Apartments near Tecuanillo Beach

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Best Restaurants to eat at Playa de Tecuanillo in Colima

There are also food stands offering tacos and other snacks, as well as some restaurants where you can eat something more substantial if you’re hungry after being on the beach all day. There are also vendors selling souvenirs, such as T-shirts or hats with the Tecuanillo beach logo, which make great gifts for friends.