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Las Viudas Beach in Baja California Sur

If you are looking for a quiet and secluded beach in Baja California Sur, you must visit Las Viudas beach. The name “Las Viudas” means “The Widows” in Spanish, and the beach got its name from the way it looks like a series of islands surrounded by hard rocks that seem to come out of nowhere. It’s not an easily accessible place, but if you like hiking and exploring remote places, this may be the perfect place for you!

What to do in Las Viudas Beach?

The waves are good for surfing. Surfers like the beach and the water, as well as the sand and the sun. Surfers also like people, who come to the beaches to get a tan or to escape from their jobs or just to be near the ocean, which they find relaxing and soothing. The warm waters of Las Viudas beach are home to some of the most beautiful surf spots in all of Baja California Sur:

  • Point Break (a point break is a place where waves break on the shore) has what many claim are some of the best waves in Mexico.
  • La Jolla Cove (the cove is a small body of water) has good spots for beginners.
  • Encanto Beach (the beach) is a great spot for advanced surfers.

Playa de las Viudas

The beach itself is wide, with soft white sand and clear waters that make it easy to swim or snorkel among the many colorful fish swimming around. But be careful when walking on the sand, as there are often large rocks hidden just below the surface.

Las Viudas beach is a great place to visit if you are looking for some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of life. It is out of the ordinary, secluded and clean. The water is clear and there are beautiful waves that make it easy to enjoy any activity you want to do on the beach: swimming, surfing or just relaxing with a good book on the sand.

The Weather at Las Viudas Beach in Baja California Sur

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Las Viudas Beach Webcam

Enjoy this spectacular view of Las Viudas Beach:

Where is it and how to get to Las Viudas Beach in Baja California Sur?

The beach town of Las Viudas is located in the bay of Los Angeles, a small town with less than 500 inhabitants. It is known for its magnificent beaches and surfing spots. Although it is not a tourist destination, it is worth a visit if you want to feel like you are on your own island paradise.

Hotels and Apartments near Las Viudas Beach

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