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Santispac Beach in Baja California Sur

Santispac beach is a beautiful place. You can also enjoy the magnificent views of the sunsets. The clear blue waters are amazing. There are some restaurants and bars. Here you can also buy fresh oysters. Rent a boat and go to the beach to enjoy the beach.

What to do in Santispac Beach?

The first thing you will notice on this beach is the bright blue water. It is so clear that you can see everything on the seabed, including seagrasses and corals. The waters are calm and you can swim or snorkel, with some spots having great visibility to see marine life, such as sea turtles or manta rays.

Playa Santispac

If you want to stay close to shore but still be able to see something exciting underwater, try kayaking into the deeper parts of the bay, where there may be some fish feeding around your boat. If you want more excitement and adventure in your day at Santispac Beach, sign up for one of their boat tours around Baja California Sur or La Paz Bay; you’ll have an incredible view and plenty of photo opportunities of whales jumping out of the water.

The Weather at Santispac Beach in Baja California Sur

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Santispac Beach Webcam

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Where is it and how to get to Santispac Beach in Baja California Sur?

Santispac is located in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. This small town has a population of less than 2000 people, but attracts thousands of visitors a year due to its location near the Bay of La Paz and its natural beauty.

Restaurants Where to Eat and Drink in Santispac Beach?

The restaurants are great. The seafood is fresh, the fish tacos are made with care, and the margaritas are strong enough to make even the most experienced tequila drinker blush. The bars have an incredible selection of beer on tap, so you can enjoy a cold beer while watching the waves.

Oysters are a delicacy in Baja California Sur, and can be purchased at Santispac Beach. Oysters are delicious, healthy and a good source of protein and iron. They contain calcium, as well as many vitamins.

Hotels and Apartments near Santispac Beach

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