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El Faro Viejo Beach in Baja California Sur

El Faro Viejo is an amazing place to visit if you are in Los Barriles. The beach features world class windsurfing, a sanctuary for local wildlife and is a great place for whale watching and snorkeling with stingrays. You can also enjoy water sports such as kayaking, sailing and kitesurfing at this beautiful beach.

This beach is also known as “Faro Viejo” (Old Lighthouse) because there was an old lighthouse here that was destroyed by a hurricane many years ago (1944). Now there are many restaurants near El Faro Viejo beach where you can have lunch or dinner while enjoying this wonderful view.

What to do in El Faro Viejo Beach?

Whale watching in Cabo San Lucas is one of the main activities you can do in Baja California Sur. Whale season runs from December to April, but you can be sure that whales will show up all year round, especially if you go out with an experienced captain like Captain Patricio Delgado. He has been leading tours for over 25 years and knows where to go for whale watching.

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If you want to get up close to these giants of the sea, this snorkeling excursion is for you. It’s not cheap, costing $150 per person (including equipment), but it’s worth it: you only get one chance in your life to swim among giant stingrays! Keep in mind that these stingrays can be up to 2 meters wide, so don’t try anything stupid like jumping over them or trying to ride one like a unicorn.

While swimming among manta rays may seem intimidating, there are several ways to reduce the chances of getting stung: wear long sleeves; wear gloves if possible; avoid touching any part of their body, including their gills; don’t swim under them, as they might accidentally step on your head while hovering over them; and finally, never touch their nose, as some people believe that touching it will throw them off their path home when mating season is over (yes… this really happens).

Whether you want to try it for the first time or you are an experienced windsurfer, El Faro Viejo beach is the perfect place to learn. There are many schools offering lessons and equipment rental. If you haven’t tried it before, this is an ideal place to take your first steps in sailing. The calm waters are ideal for beginners and experienced sailors alike.

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It’s always fun to walk along the rocks during low tide, so be sure to bring not only sunscreen, but also water shoes, as there can be some slippery spots along the way. If someone slips, we recommend calling 911 immediately so that help arrives as soon as possible.

Camping is allowed on the beach. There are several places to camp, but you will need to bring all your supplies. You can camp in a tent or camper on the sand or in the dunes.

The Weather at El Faro Viejo Beach in Baja California Sur

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Where is and how to get to El Faro Viejo Beach in Baja California Sur?

This beach is located at the southern end of the city, and is a beautiful beach. It has white sand, turquoise water and palm trees swaying in the breeze. You can look down the coast and see Santa Rosalia or even Guerrero Negro if you have binoculars or a telescope.

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