🏖The Best Beaches, Coves, and Coasts of MadagascarAmpasindava Beach, the beach to enjoy the sun

Ampasindava Beach, the beach to enjoy the sun

Ampasindava Beach is one of Madagascar’s best-kept secrets. This unspoiled paradise will surprise you with its crystal clear waters, white sands, and lush vegetation. If you are looking for a unique destination away from the tourist crowds, look no further. Discover everything you can do, where to stay, eat, and how to get to Ampasindava Beach in our complete guide!


What to do at Ampasindava Beach?

At Ampasindava Beach, you will find a variety of activities to enjoy the natural surroundings and the wonderful environment around you. Here is a table with some of the most popular activities:

Activity Recommended number of people Approximate price Location
Snorkeling 1-10 $20 per person Along the beach
Kayaking 1-2 $15 per person Rentals available on the beach
Marine wildlife observation 1-15 $30 per person Organized tours
Hiking 1-10 Free Nearby routes

Hotels and apartments near Ampasindava Beach

Although Ampasindava Beach is a lesser-known destination, there are nearby accommodation options. Here is a comparative table with some hotels and apartments available in the area:

Hotel name Number of stars Approximate price Location Main services
Ampasindava Beach Resort 3 $50 per night Near the beach Wi-Fi, breakfast included, pool
Villa Ampasindava 4 $80 per night 1 km from the beach Wi-Fi, kitchen, terrace
Le Jardin de Nosy Be 2 $40 per night 2 km from the beach Wi-Fi, breakfast included, garden

Places of interest near Playa de Ampasindava

Playa de Ampasindava is an excellent starting point for exploring the surrounding areas. Don’t miss these nearby places of interest:

  • Lokobe National Park: a natural reserve with an impressive biodiversity and endemic species.
  • Mont Passot: the highest point on Nosy Be island, offering spectacular panoramic views.
  • Nosy Tanikely Natural Reserve: a perfect place for snorkeling and diving, with a great variety of marine life.

Where to eat in Playa de Ampasindava?

The Playa de Ampasindava area offers a variety of gastronomic options to enjoy delicious local food. Below is a table with the best nearby restaurants:

Restaurant name Cuisine type Approximate price Location Best dishes
Chez Tantine Malagasy $10-20 per person 2 km from the beach Seafood, coconut fish
La Pirogue International $15-25 per person Near the beach Pizza, chicken skewers
Le Turquoise French $20-30 per person 3 km from the beach Ceviche, tuna steak

The weather in Playa de Ampasindava

The climate in Playa de Ampasindava is tropical and humid, with temperatures ranging from 24°C to 32°C throughout the year. The best time to visit this beach is from May to October, when rainfall is less frequent and the weather is drier.

Where is and how to get to Playa de Ampasindava?

Playa de Ampasindava is located on the northwest coast of Madagascar, near the island of Nosy Be. To get here, here are the different transportation options:

  • Plane: You can fly to the Nosy Be Fascene International Airport and from there, take a taxi or rent a vehicle to get to Playa de Ampasindava. The car journey takes approximately 1 hour.
  • Ferry: If you are already in Madagascar, you can take a ferry from Ankify to Hell-Ville in Nosy Be and then a taxi or rental vehicle to Playa de Ampasindava.

The estimated price of the flight from the capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo, to Nosy Be is $150-250, while the ferry from Ankify to Hell-Ville costs approximately $10 per person.

What sports can we practice in Playa de Ampasindava?

Playa de Ampasindava is ideal for enjoying water sports and outdoor activities. Among the most popular sports are:

  • Snorkeling and scuba diving
  • Surfing and bodyboarding
  • Hiking and trekking
  • Kayaking

Is it possible to go to Playa de Ampasindava with children?

Playa de Ampasindava is a perfect place to enjoy with family. Its calm and shallow waters are ideal for children to swim and play safely. In addition, many of the activities and excursions in the surroundings are suitable for all ages.

Map of Playa de Ampasindava location