🏖The Best Beaches, Coves and Coasts of Japan: complete guide for your vacationTakahama Beach in Nagasaki: A Complete Guide for Your Vacation

Takahama Beach in Nagasaki: A Complete Guide for Your Vacation

The Takahama Beach, located in Nagasaki prefecture, is known for its tranquil atmosphere and stunning coastal scenery. With crystal-clear waters and a rocky coastline, it is an ideal place to relax and enjoy nature.

Takahama Beach (Nagasaki)

What to do at Takahama Beach, Nagasaki?

Takahama Beach offers a variety of activities for visitors to have fun and relax on the coast.

Activity Recommended number of people Approximate price Location
Snorkeling 1-2 3,000¥ Takahama Beach
Kayaking 1-2 4,000¥ Takahama Beach
Hiking 1-5 Free Saikai National Park
Bird watching 1-4 Free Saikai National Park
Visiting theme parks 1-5 2,500¥ Huis Ten Bosch

Hotels and apartments near Takahama Beach, Nagasaki

There are a variety of options for accommodation near Takahama Beach to suit different needs and budgets.

Hotel name Stars Approximate price Location Main services
Takahama Beach Resort 4 14,000¥ Near Takahama Beach Wi-Fi, A/C, Restaurant, Onsen, Pool
Nagasaki Seaside Hotel 3 8,000¥ Near Takahama Beach Wi-Fi, A/C, Restaurant, Game room
Takahama Guest House 2 4,500¥ Near Takahama Beach Wi-Fi, A/C, Shared kitchen, Bike rental

Places of interest near Takahama Beach, Nagasaki

  • Saikai National Park: This national park offers walking trails and bird-watching opportunities, as well as beautiful coastal landscapes.
  • Huis Ten Bosch: A Dutch-themed amusement park with attractions, restaurants, and themed events in Nagasaki.
  • Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum: A museum dedicated to the history of the atomic bomb and its effects on the city of Nagasaki.
  • Glover Garden: A historic garden with Western-style houses and panoramic views of the city of Nagasaki.

Where to eat near Takahama Beach, Nagasaki?

The area around Takahama Beach offers a variety of restaurants to satisfy different tastes and budgets.

Restaurant Cuisine Type Approximate Price Location Best Dishes
Kaisen Shokudo Seafood 3,500¥ Near Takahama Beach Sashimi, sushi, tempura
Nagasaki Ramen House Japanese Cuisine 1,500¥ Near Takahama Beach Ramen, gyoza, karaage
Takahama Pizzeria Italian 2,000¥ Near Takahama Beach Pizza, pasta, salads

Weather in Takahama Beach, Nagasaki

The weather in Takahama Beach is temperate, with mild winters and warm, humid summers. Temperatures range from 5°C in winter to 30°C in summer. The best time to visit Takahama Beach is from May to October, when temperatures are higher and conditions are ideal for enjoying the sea and outdoor activities.

Where is and how to get to Takahama Beach, Nagasaki?

Takahama Beach is located in the Nagasaki prefecture, on the island of Kyushu. To get to Takahama Beach from Nagasaki, follow these steps:

  1. Train: Take the Kamome Express train from Nagasaki station to Sasebo station. From there, you can take a local bus or a taxi to Takahama Beach.
  2. Car: If you prefer to drive, the car journey from Nagasaki to Takahama Beach takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, depending on traffic.

Once in Takahama, you can use local public transportation, such as buses and taxis, to get to the beach and other tourist attractions.
Takahama Beach in Nagasaki is a perfect destination for those seeking a peaceful and relaxing seaside atmosphere. With its beautiful coastal landscapes and diverse activities, you’re sure to take unforgettable memories from your visit to this corner of Japan.