🏖The best beaches, coves, and coasts of Gabon.Pointe-Denis: The Touristic Gem of Gabon You Must Discover

Pointe-Denis: The Touristic Gem of Gabon You Must Discover

Pointe-Denis is a fascinating tourist destination located on the peninsula in front of Libreville, the capital of Gabon. With golden sand beaches, a relaxed atmosphere, and various activities, it is the perfect place to enjoy an unforgettable vacation. In this guide, we show you everything you need to know to make the most of your visit to Pointe-Denis, Gabon.


What to do in Pointe-Denis?

Pointe-Denis offers a wide variety of activities for all tastes and ages. Here you will find options to relax, have fun, and connect with nature.

Activity Number of recommended people Approximate price Location
Boat tour 1-10 $50 per person Pointe-Denis
Kayaking excursion 1-2 $35 per person Pointe-Denis
Turtle watching 1-8 $40 per person Pointe-Denis Beach
Surf lessons 1-6 $60 per person Pointe-Denis Beach

Hotels and Accommodations near Pointe-Denis

Find the perfect accommodation for your stay in Pointe-Denis, Gabon, from luxury hotels to comfortable guesthouses.

Accommodation Name Accommodation Type Approximate Price Location Main Services
Hotel La Baie des Tortues Luth Hotel $200 per night Pointe-Denis Restaurant, pool, Wi-Fi
Résidence Hôtelière Océane Residence $150 per night Pointe-Denis Kitchen, Wi-Fi, terrace
Chez Betty Guesthouse $100 per night Pointe-Denis Breakfast included, Wi-Fi

Nearby Places and Attractions in Pointe-Denis

Pointe-Denis has several places of interest and tourist attractions that you cannot miss during your visit.
Pointe-Denis Beach: Enjoy the sun and sand at this beautiful beach, perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports.

Weather in Pointe-Denis


Where is Pointe-Denis and How to Get There?