🏖The Best Beaches, Coves, and Coasts of FinlandExplore Bellevue: The Hidden Gem of Helsinki.

Explore Bellevue: The Hidden Gem of Helsinki.

Discover Bellevue, one of the most beautiful and lesser-known beaches in Helsinki. Located on the island of Lauttasaari, Bellevue offers a tranquil escape from the bustling city life.


Unforgettable Activities: What to Do in Bellevue

From swimming in the clear waters of the Baltic Sea to relaxing on the sandy beach, Bellevue offers a range of activities for everyone. Here are some of the best activities to enjoy in Bellevue.

Activity Recommended Number of People Approximate Price Location
Swimming and Sunbathing 1+ Free Bellevue Beach
Picnic 2+ Depends on the cost of food Bellevue Beach
Hiking in Lauttasaari 1+ Free Lauttasaari Island

Bellevue is the perfect place for those seeking a combination of relaxation and outdoor adventure in a peaceful seaside setting.

Rest and Comfort: Hotels and Accommodations Near Bellevue

Bellevue is within close proximity to downtown Helsinki, where you can find a wide range of accommodation options. Here are some lodging options near Bellevue.

Hotel Star Rating Approximate Price Location Main Services
Radisson Blu Seaside Hotel 4 120€/night Helsinki, near Bellevue Free WiFi, Restaurant, Gym, Sauna
Scandic Park Helsinki 4 110€/night Helsinki, near Bellevue Free WiFi, Pool, Restaurant, Gym, Sauna
Hotel Helka 4 100€/night Helsinki, near Bellevue Free WiFi, Restaurant, Bar, Sauna

These hotels offer a combination of comfort and convenience, ensuring that your visit to Bellevue is unforgettable.

Flavors of Helsinki: Where to Eat in Bellevue

Bellevue doesn’t have its own restaurants, but Helsinki offers a wide variety of culinary options. Here are some of the best restaurants near Bellevue.

Restaurant Cuisine Type Approximate Price Location Signature Dishes
Restaurant Olo European 120€/person Helsinki, near Bellevue Tasting Menu, Seafood</td
Ravintola Nokka Finnish 70€/person Helsinki, near Bellevue Fish Dishes, Homemade Desserts
Sea Horse Finnish 30€/person Helsinki, near Bellevue Schnitzel, Salmon Soup

These restaurants offer an authentic Finnish culinary experience, adding an extra flavor to your visit to Bellevue.

Weather in Bellevue

Bellevue, like the rest of Helsinki, enjoys a boreal climate, with warm summers and cold winters. The temperature in summer usually hovers around 20°C, while in winter it can drop to -10°C. Humidity is high throughout the year. The best time to visit Bellevue is in summer, from June to August, when the weather is warmer and you can fully enjoy the beach.

Where is Bellevue and How to Get There?

Bellevue is located on the island of Lauttasaari, in the city of Helsinki. Getting to Bellevue is easy and convenient from anywhere in Helsinki. You can take bus number 21 from Helsinki Central Station to Lauttasaari. The journey takes approximately 15 minutes and the ticket costs around €2.80. If you prefer to drive, there is free parking available at Bellevue.

Practical Tips for Visiting Bellevue

1. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit and a towel, as well as sunscreen and water to stay hydrated.
If you plan to have a picnic, remember to bring your own utensils and bags for trash.

Wear comfortable shoes to explore the island of Lauttasaari.

Ready to Explore Bellevue!

With its beautiful beach, tranquil location, and proximity to Helsinki, Bellevue is a must-visit destination for any visitor to Finland. We hope this guide helps you plan your visit to Bellevue and fully enjoy everything this wonderful beach has to offer!