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La Herradura Beach in Las Tunas

La Herradura Beach, located in the municipality of Las Tunas, is one of the most famous beaches in the province of Las Tunas. This beach, of natural origin, is located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea and is characterized by its clear waters and fine white sand.

Playa de La Herradura

In addition, it has a large number of services for visitors such as bars, restaurants, hotels and other types of lodging, which makes it an ideal tourist destination.

What to do in La Herradura Beach?

During the warmer months, this beach offers an excellent opportunity to relax, sunbathe, swim in its warm waters and enjoy the wide variety of water activities it offers.

You can also enjoy some delicious seafood dishes, such as the famous shrimp ceviche, which will delight food lovers.

The beaches in this area are characterized by their beautiful sunsets, which attract hundreds of visitors every year to enjoy the sunset over the sea. Therefore, the beach of La Herradura is also a paradise for photographers. Its landscapes are unique and exciting, full of color, life and beauty, which visitors can enjoy and capture on their cameras.

Weather and Climate in La Herradura Beach

Below you can see the weather in La Herradura Beach in real time:

Where It Is and How to Get to La Herradura Beach

To get to La Herradura Beach from Las Tunas, you will have to take a route by car or bus that takes approximately one hour and twenty minutes. You can also go by bus from Las Tunas station.

Best Hotels Near La Herradura Beach

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