The Best Beaches in Matanzas, Cuba

Matanzas is located in central-western Cuba and is known as the cradle of the nation, since it was there where historical moments of great importance, such as the independence from Spain, took place. The beauty of Matanzas is characterized by its excellent beaches, rivers with a great variety of flora and fauna, cliffs with characteristic formations, caves, and migratory birds that attract tourists to its natural parks and historical monuments.

This province perfectly combines its historical, cultural and natural attractions to offer a unique and memorable experience.

Matanzas Beaches offer some of the best beaches in Cuba, including Cayo Blanco Beach and Varadero Beach, considered tropical paradises all over the world.

Cayo Blanco Beach

Cayo Blanco is a coastal community located on the outskirts of the city of Matanzas. It is located at the mouth of the mouth of the San Juan River. The island is a popular tourist destination and one of the best places for snorkeling. In addition, it has been declared “National Natural Scenic Heritage” by Unesco. It also has a wonderful marine park, where you can see various species of birds and sea turtles. This island enjoys a natural environment with spectacular landscapes that give it a unique charm.

Cayo Blanco en Matanzas

Varadero Beach

Varadero Beach is a dream beach with its famous line of dunes, crystalline waters and white sand. This beautiful 21-km-long beach is located on the Hicacos Peninsula, north of the province of Matanzas, and is one of the most famous beaches in Cuba, internationally known. It has all the necessary services to spend an incredible day, from hammocks to boats and kayaks to make the most of the views.

Playa de Varadero

Coral Beach

Coral Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Cuban tourist paradise. When you arrive at the beach you will find a warm sea and crystal-clear waters in various shades of blue. With its exclusive facilities, such as a bar, hammocks and umbrellas, as well as a bridge to access directly to the sea. Over time this beach has become an ideal place for families, couples and singles in search of the perfect vacation.

If you are planning a vacation to Matanzas, and specifically to Varadero, Playa Coral should not be missing in your itinerary.

Playa Coral en Matanzas

Bay of Pigs

The Bay of Pigs has a National Underwater Park that offers a spectacular backdrop of unique natural beauty, full of corals, sponges and seaweed. The beaches of the Bay of Pigs are predominantly fine white sand with some places where volcanic rocks are found. These beaches are the perfect place for sun lovers. Besides, the place is full of history, since the famous Bay of Pigs Invasion took place there, so if you are one of those who like to know about historical events, a visit to this bay is a must.

Bahía de Cochinos en Matanzas

Giron Beach

Girón Beach belongs to the Bay of Pigs, and offers a beautiful panorama. In addition to its natural beauty, the beach is best known for being the site of the Battle of the Bay of Pigs during the Cuban-Soviet Missile Crisis. Today, tourists visiting Playa Giron can enjoy boat rides, water sports, diving, hiking and of course, a good swim or sunbathing. This beach is also a departure point for many cruise ships and catamarans that connect with other tourist destinations in the Caribbean Sea.

Playa Girón en Matanzas

Long Beach

Long Beach is characterized by its crystal clear waters with blue and green tones, which give the impression of standing in a lake. On the beach there are sailboats available for rent if you want to enjoy a ride around the bay. In addition, near the beach there are places to eat and have a refreshing drink, as well as places to stay for a romantic or family getaway.

Playa Larga en Matanzas

Best Hotels in Matanzas in Cuba

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What to see and do in Matanzas?

The province of Matanzas has incredible buildings and historic buildings, with heritage from the Spanish colony, some of which date back to the 19th century. Among the outstanding historic buildings are the La Boca fort, El Morro lighthouse and La Teatino. The province is also considered Cuba’s cultural center, due to its varied cultural leisure offer. There are many museums and experimental galleries, as well as important theaters where internationally renowned plays are performed, such as the Sauto Theater.
In addition to the historical and cultural part, there is also a great offer for tourism. The province offers wonderful places such as Varadero, the Yumurí Valley, and many more.

The Weather in Matanzas

The weather in Matanzas is usually favorable all year round, with an average temperature of about 24º. Here you can see the weather forecast for this week:

Map of Matanzas Beaches

In this Map of Matanzas Beaches you can see the most important beaches of this Cuban province: