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Flamingos Beach in Cayo Coco

Flamingos Beach is located on the island of Cayo Coco, in the Jardines del Rey archipelago, in the province of Ciego de Avila, Cuba. It is a beach of white sand and turquoise waters, with a length of approximately 3 km. The beach is surrounded by coconut and palm trees, and has a coral area ideal for diving and snorkeling.

Playa Flamencos

The beach is just a short walk from El Baga Natural Park, where you can see exotic birds and enjoy the unique scenery. Excursions to nearby islands, such as Cayo Guillermo and Cayo Santa María, are also available.

What to do in Flamencos Beach in Cayo Coco?

In Flamencos Beach you can practice many water activities, such as diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, kitesurfing, paddle surfing and kayaking. You can also enjoy boat rides, fishing, catamaran excursions and bike rides.

The best places to visit near Flamencos Beach are:

  • El Baga Natural Park
  • Los Tuxtlas Biosphere Reserve
  • Lagunas de Chacahua National Park
  • Palenque National Park
  • Sierra de San Pedro Martir National Park.

The fauna and flora that can be found in Playa Flamencos are very varied. On the beach you can see coconut trees, palm trees, coral, tropical fish and exotic birds. In El Baga Natural Park you can see exotic birds such as the osprey, the red ibis, the Cuban flamingo and the zunzuncito.

The Weather and Climate in Flamingos Beach

The climate in Flamencos Beach is tropical, with temperatures around 30ºC all year round. The sea water is also very warm, with temperatures ranging between 26ºC and 28ºC.

Flamencos Beach Webcam

With the Flamencos Beach Webcam you can enjoy the views of the beach and its surroundings:

Where is and how to get to Flamencos Beach ?

To get to Flamencos Beach in Cayo Coco you have to take a plane to Jardines del Rey Airport, which is located about 20 km from the beach. You can also get there by boat from Morón, Ciego de Avila or Cayo Guillermo.

Best Hotels near Flamenco Beach

The top 5 hotels near Flamencos Beach are:

  • Meliá Cayo Coco
  • Iberostar Daiquiri
  • Memories Flamenco Beach Resort
  • Sol Cayo Coco
  • Occidental Cayo Coco.

All of them offer a wide variety of services and activities, and feature swimming pools, restaurants, bars, spas, gyms, beauty salons, stores, excursions and much more.

Find the best lodging deals near Flamenco Beach:


Best Restaurants near Flamencos Beach

The best restaurants near Flamencos Beach are:

  • Restaurant El Baga
  • Restaurant El Paraiso
  • Restaurant La Casa de Fefa
  • Restaurant La Cueva del Pirata
  • El Pirata Restaurant.

In all of them you can taste typical dishes of Cuban cuisine, such as rice with chicken, ropa vieja, fried fish, congrí, fried yucca, etc.

What to do in Flamenco Beach at night?

On the beach at night you can enjoy magnificent views of the starry sky, and you can also take excursions to the nearby islands to watch the sunset.

What dangers can be found at Flamencos Beach?

The dangers that can be encountered at Flamencos Beach are typical of any beach: undertow, jellyfish, sea currents, etc. It is also important to be careful with the sun, since in Cuba the sun is very strong.