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Cay Saetía Beach in Holguín, Cuba

Cay Saetía is a protected area located in Cuba’s eastern Caribbean. The island, of about 7,800 hectares, is one of the best tourist destinations and one of the largest national parks in the country.

Cayo Saetía is located on the coast of Holguín province, in southwestern Cuba, and offers a large natural ecosystem that includes a complete variety of terrestrial and marine species. It is surrounded by a wide range of habitats: from wetlands, mangroves and canals to a salt lake landscape and wide deserted sandy cays.

Cayo Saetía Holguín

In addition, it has a coastline that includes 16 kilometers of beaches, which meet the typical characteristics of Cuban beaches: white sand, crystal-clear waters with turquoise reflections, and much to discover. These are beaches full of life and nature that also offer the opportunity to practice different activities in relation to nature, from water activities such as kayaking, fishing and sailing, to walks and strolls along the shore of the beach.

Cay Saetía beach includes the necessary services to spend a great day, from sun loungers to snorkeling equipment rental, boat ride service, and much more. It is a perfect place to be in contact with nature and enjoy with your partner, family and friends.

What to see and do near Cayo Saetía Beach?

If you are wondering what to see and do in Cay Saetía, the answer is to enjoy nature. If you like animals, you can’t miss a Safari to Cayo Saetía National Park, a very extensive and impressive place where you can see numerous species: zebras, antelopes, buffaloes, dromedaries, iguanas, numerous birds, and much more. No doubt this visit will leave you with your mouth open and is highly recommended.

Of course, you can also enjoy the tranquility of the beach, have a delicious cocktail and sunbathe while observing the landscape and the natural environment of the island.

Another option is to hire a catamaran excursion, undoubtedly a lot of fun, which offers amazing views of the sea and allows you to spend a fun time with other visitors and locals.

The Weather in Cay Saetía

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Cayo Saetía Beach Webcam

In the Cayo Saetía Beach Webcam you can observe the accommodations around the beach as well as the beautiful views it offers:

Hotels and Apartments near Cayo Saetía Beach

There are several options for lodging in Cayo Saetía. The main one is the Hotel Villa Cayo Saetía, located on the main beach, which offers four-star rooms with all modern amenities. There are also some ecological cabins, these are not air-conditioned, but do offer beautiful natural surroundings.

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Where It Is and How to Get to Cayo Saetía

One of the routes to get to Cayo Saetía is to take a bus from Guardalavaca to Nipe Bay, which takes approximately two hours. Afterwards, you can take a catamaran from Guardalavaca to Cayo Saetía, which takes a little over an hour.