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The Best Beaches of Holguin, Cuba

HolguĂ­n is considered the third largest province in Cuba and its capital has the same name. It is located in the eastern part of the country and is made up of 14 municipalities. It is a place well known for its tropical heat and its impressive beaches. In addition, this area is considered one of the most beautiful and exotic zones in Cuba.

Holguin’s beaches offer a variety of activities and entertainment to enjoy a vacation to the fullest. The best beaches in the city include the paradisiacal beaches of Guardalavaca, Pesquero and Esmeralda. Along HolguĂ­n’s coastline are beaches with crystal-clear waters and golden sands. To please tourists, each of these beaches offers luxury lodging and all the necessary services for tourists to enjoy their stay to the fullest. In addition, the resorts located on the coast allow tourists to enjoy swimming pools and recreational areas.

Cayo Saetia Beach

Cayo Saetia is a natural reserve located about 125 km from the city of Holguin. It was discovered in the 20th century by divers, marine traders and fishermen. The reserve is a unique ecosystem with a variety of wild animals, coastal inhabitants and marine life. The beach area is a wide expanse of white sand, surrounded by palm trees and vegetation. This beach is also home to some of Cuba’s rarest animals, such as the Mona fox, the mountain goat and the Cuban tiger. In addition, the area is surrounded by coral reefs, making it one of the best diving destinations in the Caribbean.

Cayo SaetĂ­a HolguĂ­n

Guardalavaca Beach

Guardalavaca Beach is one of the main tourist beaches on the eastern coast of Cuba. With a length of 12 km, the beach stretches from Banes to El Salado. The charm of Guardalavaca Beach derives from its soft white sand beach, the variety of water activities, its bars and restaurants, art galleries and its entertaining nights. Several hotels and apartments are located along the beach, ranging from luxury all-inclusive resorts to cheap travel lodges. This is an ideal destination for a family, a honeymoon vacation, or a trip with friends.

Playa de Guardalavaca HolguĂ­n

Emerald Beach

Esmerald Beach offers a colorful landscape, with bright blue water and soft cream-colored sand. This long stretch of golden sand stretches along the coastline for several kilometers. The beach also offers magnificent ocean views and excellent opportunities for a variety of sports, especially in the water. The waters of Playa Esmeralda are very calm and therefore it is an excellent choice for beginner swimmers or for those who want to take a refreshing dip. In addition, it also has umbrellas, hammocks and boats for a stroll.

Playa Esmeralda HolguĂ­n

Pesquero Beach

Pesquero Beach is a private beach that belongs to the Hotel Playa Pesquero. It has all kinds of services, such as fun water sports, luxury accommodations, spa and restaurants. It is a hotel that even includes swimming pools that merge with the beach itself. This beach, like other beaches in the area, is also an ideal place for diving in its beautiful coral reefs. In addition, another of its strong points is that it is only a ten-minute drive from downtown Guardalavaca.

Playa Pesquero HolguĂ­n

Don Lino Beach

Don Lino Beach is one of the best beaches in HolguĂ­n. It is part of the Hotel Villa Don Lino and is located a short distance from the city, situated on the north coast of the Caribbean Sea. This beach has a barrier reef that surrounds most of the beach, a lot of seabirds and sea turtles that can be seen regularly, as well as coral gardens to enjoy the underwater view. It is perfect for doing things like swimming, contemplating the seabed or taking a boat ride. It also offers all the necessary facilities for an unforgettable day at the beach.

Playa Don Lino HolguĂ­n

What to see and do in HolguĂ­n?

In HolguĂ­n there is a lot to see and do, especially to be in contact with nature and enjoy the Cuban gastronomy. There are also several sites of tourist interest that you cannot miss:

  • The Plaza de la Marqueta: Famous for its impressive monuments and exceptional views.
  • The Provincial Historical Museum of HolguĂ­n: La Periquera: Located in the heart of the city, this museum is an ideal place to learn about the life and work of illustrious Holguineros, as well as local history and culture. The museum has varied exhibits covering a wide range of topics, including military history, archeology, artistic and ethnographic expressions, among others.
  • The BahĂ­a del Naranjo Natural Park: Where you can enjoy nature and wildlife. There is the possibility of taking a tour of the area to see dolphins. In addition, the place offers hiking, kayaking and snorkeling tours to immerse yourself in the natural beauty.

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Map of Holguin Beaches

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