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Raversijde Beach: activities, accommodation and gastronomy

Raversijde Beach is a beautiful and peaceful beach located on the Belgian coast, near the city of Ostend. With its relaxed atmosphere and stunning landscapes, Raversijde is an ideal destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of more crowded beaches. Below is a detailed guide with everything you need to know about activities, accommodation, gastronomy, and more at Raversijde Beach.

Playa de Raversijde

What to do at Raversijde Beach?

At Raversijde Beach, there are several interesting activities to enjoy. You can visit the Raversyde Domain, a historic site and open-air museum that offers a unique insight into the region’s past. It is ideal for groups of up to 10 people and has an approximate price of 10-15 € per person. Another popular activity is cycling, which allows you to explore the Belgian coast in a unique and eco-friendly way. Bike rentals have an approximate price of 15-25 € per person and are suitable for groups of up to 6 people.

Activity Recommended Group Size Approximate Price Location
Visit to Raversyde Domain 1-10 10-15 € per person Raversijde
Cycling 1-6 15-25 € per person Raversijde
Hiking at Raversijde Nature Reserve 1-10 Free Raversijde

Hotels and Apartments near Raversijde Beach

When it comes to accommodation near Raversijde Beach, there are several options to choose from. Hotel De Hofkamers is a 3-star hotel located in Ostend, with prices ranging from 90 to 130 € per night. It offers amenities such as Wi-Fi, breakfast, and parking. The Thermae Palace Hotel is a more luxurious option, with 4 stars and prices ranging from 100 to 150 € per night. This hotel is located in Ostend and offers amenities such as Wi-Fi, a spa, and a restaurant.

Hotel Name Stars Approximate Price Location Main Amenities
Hotel De Hofkamers 3 90-130 € per night Ostend Wi-Fi, breakfast, parking
Thermae Palace Hotel 4 100-150 € per night Ostend Wi-Fi, spa, restaurant
Villa Christina 2 60-90 € per night Raversijde Wi-Fi, terrace, parking

Places of Interest near Raversijde Beach

There are several restaurants at Raversijde Beach to enjoy a delicious meal. De Zee is a Belgian cuisine restaurant, where you can taste typical dishes such as mussels and fried fish. Prices at De Zee range from 20 to 40 € per person. ‘t Waterhuis is another restaurant in Raversijde that offers international cuisine, with dishes such as Flemish stew and seafood paella. Prices at ‘t Waterhuis vary from 25 to 50 € per person.

Weather at Raversijde Beach

Raversijde Beach has an oceanic climate, which means that temperatures are usually mild throughout the year. The average temperature in summer ranges from 15 to 20°C, while in winter it varies between 2 and 7°C. Humidity in the area is high throughout the year, especially in winter. The best time to visit Raversijde Beach is between June and September, when temperatures are warmer and rainfall is less frequent.


Where is and how to get to Raversijde Beach?

Raversijde Beach is located about 10 km west of the city of Ostend, on the Belgian coast. To get to Raversijde, you can use different means of transportation:

Car: From Ostend, take the N34 westward, which will take you directly to Raversijde in approximately 15 minutes.