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Corrales Beach in Venezuela

Corrales Beach is located in the Paraguaná Peninsula, in the state of Falcón. This beach is characterized by its crystal clear water and the large amount of corals and fish found there. It is a popular tourist destination for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts.

Playa Corrales

What to do in Playa Corrales?

At Playa Corrales, there is a wide variety of activities you can do. If you are passionate about scuba diving and snorkeling, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the corals and marine life. You can also sunbathe on the beautiful white sand beaches, have a picnic or enjoy a boat ride.


Hotels and Apartments near Corrales Beach

If you are looking for accommodation near Playa Corrales, there are several options available. On the Paraguaná Peninsula, you will find hotels and resorts with all the amenities you might need. There are also options for apartments and rental houses that can offer you a more private and personalized experience.

Where to eat in Playa Corrales

Food is an important part of any trip, and in Playa Corrales there are a wide variety of options available. In the area you will find restaurants with local food and international dishes, as well as food stands where you can enjoy delicious fresh seafood.

The Weather in Playa Corrales, Venezuela

The weather in Playa Corrales is typical of the Venezuelan coast, with warm temperatures throughout the year. The hottest months are from June to September, with average temperatures of 30°C (86°F). The rainy season runs from May to November, but even during this period, there are still plenty of sunny days to enjoy on the beach.


Where is Playa Corrales and how to get there?

Playa Corrales is located on the Paraguaná peninsula, in the state of Falcón. If you are coming from Caracas, you can take a flight to the Joséfa Camejo International Airport in Punto Fijo and then drive to Playa Corrales. You can also arrive by car from other parts of Venezuela, following the main road that connects the Paraguaná Peninsula with the rest of the country.