The Best Beaches in Guardamar

Guardamar or also known as Guardamar del Segura, is a municipality in the province of Alicante, although the main town is also called Guardamar. Through Guardamar passes the mouth of the Segura river as well as other destinations such as Murcia, and has just 16,000 inhabitants. Therefore, if you are looking to spend a family vacation in Guardamar and disconnect from the crowds and bustle of the big cities you have come to the right place.

playas de guardamar


Guardamar has to its credit with 4 blue flags that make its beaches bathed by the Mediterranean Sea as is also the case of destinations like Mallorca, have the recognition they deserve. Since, this small paradise is located within the well-known Costa Blanca, it competes with many other “big” tourism destinations. However, its warm waters, its good climate and the fact that we can enjoy the beaches practically all year round, make Guardamar a great tourist destination in Spain.

The 4 most beautiful beaches of Guardamar

Guardamar del Segura is not a town that only by its name attracts us, however, like a book, we should not judge it only by its cover. Guardamar is one of those places whose beauty lies in not being well known. If we want to feel again what it was like to go to a small town in which to turn off the cell phone and disconnect from the big crowds Guardamar is the perfect destination. It should also be noted that despite having the privilege of privacy, tranquility and welfare, Guardamar has all the services we may need, we will not need to leave because there we will find anything. So, prepare your towels, put on your swimsuits and come for a walk along the Beaches of Guardamar.

Montcaio Beach

The first of the 4 beaches of Guardamar that has a blue flag is the Playa del Montcaio, one of those pristine beaches to which we have the privilege of being able to access with our car to a private parking, park and have easy access to the beach itself. Once there, we will step on a soft and fine whitish sand where we can take long walks through a dune area.

moncayo beach

The color of the water is of a crystalline tone, a medium level swell, so in case you go with children to the beach, it should not be a problem for their safety. Surrounding the beach, we have a small area of pine forests, which makes very curious landscape with the contrast of an area that looks like a mountain just a few meters from the coast.

Playa de la Roqueta

Right at the foot of the famous Hotel Playas de Guardamar, is located the Playa de la Roqueta, which could be called the most media beach of all those in Guardamar, possibly because of its proximity to the hotel and also for being practically at the gates of the town center of the town.

playa de la roqueta

As for its services, we could say that Playa de la Roqueta is adapted to all kinds of tourists, both local and foreign, also has the possibility of renting sunbeds, umbrellas and sun loungers. As well as we can wash in their bathrooms or put on our bikini or swimsuit in the changing rooms. It also has a very easy access whether we decide to go to the beach on foot, as with our vehicle, even the beach itself is adapted for the use of people with reduced mobility. For something is another of the beaches of Guardamar that has blue flag.

Beach of the Center

As its own name, the Playa del Centre is quite central as far as location is concerned; if the Playa de la Roqueta was practically at the gates of the urban core, we could say that La Playa del Centre is literally embedded in it. Of all the beaches of Guardamar del Segura, Playa del Centre is the closest to the town center, its accesses are quite simple, since we can make them both by car with a nearby parking area, and through its wonderful promenade.

playa del centre

Around the entire beach extends the promenade, full of beach bars, stores, bars that give a more lively atmosphere to a day at the Playa del Centre. If there is something we can not miss when visiting the Comunidad Valenciana, is to enjoy its typical local dish, La Paella, in the same beach of the Centre is a typical restaurant in the area specializing in this type of dishes, and in which we can enjoy a wonderful evening on the beach eating local products. This beach also has a blue flag to its credit.

Playa de la Babilonia

If this beach stands out for something, it is for the “row” of houses around it, actually these are fishermen’s houses or Houses of Babylon, whose exterior walls in many cases are adorned with beautiful tiles. Because of the longevity of some, and the occasional inclement weather and storms, some of these cottages may be in poor condition, but for the most part they will be fine.

Surrounded by a small promenade, this beach is also accessible for people with reduced mobility, plus very close to it is the well-known paseo de los Hippies, where we can buy some souvenirs of local crafts to take back from our vacations in Guardamar del Segura.

playa de babilonia

As we said the accesses to this beach are very comfortable, we can walk along the road that surrounds it and also if we wish we can rent sun loungers and umbrellas to spend a day at the beach of Babylon with the family, in the most relaxed way possible.

Map of the beaches of Guardamar del Segura

Below we leave you a Map of the beaches of Guardamar del Segura, so you can both locate them, and organize yourself to visit them in the most efficient way possible. We hope you enjoy the great Costa Blanca and enjoy the province of Alicante.