Cartagena Beaches

Cartagena is one of the coastal cities of the Region of Murcia in Spain. Among all the traditions that Cartagena has, being a coastal city has a great naval and maritime tradition, as well as a good tourist tradition based mainly on the beaches of Cartagena.

The 4 Best Beaches of Cartagena

All along the coast of Cartagena we have different sandy beaches, coves, nooks and crannies and others that give rise to beautiful beaches, each of them different in their appearance, environment, and natural conditions. That is why we leave you this guide of the 4 Best Beaches of Cartagena so that you can enjoy your destination in the way you like the most.

La Manga Beach

With more than 3 kilometers long La Manga Beach is one of the largest in the entire region of Murcia, so that along its entire length is able to confluence with two municipalities Cartagena and San Javier. It has a golden sand, clean and crystalline waters, and along the entire length of this beach we also find a multitude of hotel establishments where to stay, as well as several bars where we can eat and drink.

Manga Beach

Calblanque Beach

Calblanque Beach as its name suggests is located in the regional park of Calblanque, making it one of the places we must visit if or if, not only if we visit but almost if we set foot in the Region of Murcia we are obliged to pass through here. A place that is completely preserved in a natural environment, where construction and urbanization have not entered.

Calblanque Beach

Beach of La Azohía

La Azohía is a small fishing village located in the vicinity of Cartagena, also near the well-known Cape Tiñoso. In the middle of this small town that has grown up around the sea and its traditions, we find La Azohía Beach. It is an ideal destination in case we want to get away from the crowds, urban centers and enjoy a day at the beach in a quiet way.

La Azohía Beach

El Portús Beach

El Portús Beach differs from all the previous ones, because it is a beach that is practically as nature has left it, it only has a small naturist campsite nearby where we can even spend the night. It should be noted that this is a beach of pebbles or stones not sand, also remember that it has a nudist area, so if we are lovers of it, move to this beach is a good way to disconnect from the urbanized and overcrowded world to spend a day in nature.

El Portús Beach