🏖Discover the Best Beaches of Spain in 2023 (+20)The Best Beaches and Coves in Barcelona

The Best Beaches and Coves in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the European capitals of tourism, we could even call it the world capital of tourism. Its great attractions are many, a beautiful city, with a lot of culture and history to its credit, as is typical in southern Spain with great beaches as in Almeria and Malaga. A gastronomy recognized throughout Spain. A very pleasant climate. That is to say, Barcelona as a city is a worldwide reference. As for its coast, of course it is an attraction more and quite important of the city of Barcelona, which in times of better weather has a practically full hotel occupancy, beaches crowded with tourists, but also a lot of space and very good organization. So although we are in one of the most visited cities in the world, we have at our disposal an infinite number of kilometers of beach to enjoy the best beaches of Barcelona.

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As for its beaches, we could say that just as Barcelona is a culturally rich and varied city, its beaches are an example of the same, we have a lot of variety. You can sunbathe on a family beach, where you can relax with other tourists, eat on the beach, go by car and enjoy all the amenities. At the same time, we can also get lost in a small place, away from the crowd where we will discover a small corner in which to connect with nature. Barcelona and its beaches will not fail to surprise you. In addition we will have at a stone’s throw other attractive destinations such as Beaches of Valencia.

The 5 most beautiful beaches in Barcelona

The more than 100 km of coastline make the Beaches of Barcelona offer us an overwhelming variety of opportunities and experiences to live at the foot of the sea. Make a romantic getaway in Barcelona, take a hotel near the beach, enjoy the sun, the local cuisine, and the opportunity to combine beach tourism with cultural and city tourism, make Barcelona one of the most complete options if we want to surprise our partner. On the other hand, if we plan a family vacation in Barcelona, there will be time for everything, the little ones will have a great time on the beach, at the amusement park… Meanwhile, adults can enjoy the tranquility of reading a book tanning in your hammock, while when the sun goes down you can stroll through the most cosmopolitan city of Spain and dine in restaurants that will leave you with your mouth open, at any price.

Sitges Beach

Just 35 minutes by 30 from Barcelona, the Beach of Sitges is located in the coastal region of the Garrafs. The beaches of Sitges are an internationally known claim, because in this case it is not a single beach, but a set of no more and no less than 17 beaches barely separated from each other.

sitges beach

Beach of Castelldefels

If what we want is not to have to look for a place on the beach, we are looking for a weekend of no worries, Castelldefels beach is our destination. Its nearly 5 km of beach, we ensure, even in the busiest months that we will have space to put our towel, umbrella and spend a great day of beach in Barcelona.

castelldefels beaches

Barceloneta beach

If you are looking for a central, urban beach that is next to practically everything in the city of Barcelona, you have to choose Barceloneta Beach. If you are looking for an exclusive hotel in Barcelona, in the Playa de la Barceloneta you will find a great variety of them.

barceloneta beach

Beach of Caldes d’Estrac

Caldes d’Estrac beach or also known as Caldetes, is a classic beach, one of those summer beaches of the family vacations of the 80s. In fact, Caldes d’Estrac is known for representing the traditional Costa del Mares where the Catalan bourgeoisie used to spend their summers.

Beach of Mar Bella and Nova Mar Bella

The organization by Spain, and particularly Barcelona of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, led the competent authorities to reform the coastal area (already formerly with beaches), giving rise to what we know today as Mar Bella beach and Nova Mar Bella beach.

playa nova mar bella

Best Hotels and Apartments near Barcelona Beaches

Map of the Beaches of Barcelona

Below, we attach a map showing both the beaches that we have mentioned in the list, as well as many others that we also consider of general interest. In this way, you can organize yourselves to know where they are and how to visit the beach, some are more advisable to go walking or by public transport, while others is almost imperative to go with your own vehicle.

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