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Ventanilla Beach in Oaxaca

Ventanilla beach is a long stretch of sand and ocean located about three and a half hours south of Puerto Escondido by bus or car. It is just north of Mazunte, another popular beach destination in Oaxaca. Ventanilla has become very popular with tourists in recent years because it has so many things to do, including restaurants, hotels and camping areas that are right on the beach itself, as well as up the hill towards Mazunte, where there are also places to stay.

What to do in Ventanilla Beach in Oaxaca?

Ventanilla beach, in Oaxaca, is a beautiful place to spend your vacations. To get there, you can take the bus from Oaxaca or Puerto Escondido and get off in Mazunte. You can also drive your own car, but it would be better to leave it parked on the hill with all the other cars so you can enjoy the walks and exploring Ventanilla beach.

Playa Ventanilla

Once you arrive at Ventanilla beach in Oaxaca, there are many things to do: swim in the ocean, walk along the coast, surf, watch wildlife including dolphins and turtles, eat seafood such as shrimp tacos or grilled fish, drink beer while watching Mexican soccer (known locally as soccer), dance salsa until late at night…

Hotels and Apartments near Ventanilla Beach

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The Weather in Ventanilla Beach in Oaxaca

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Where is and how to get to Ventanilla Beach in Oaxaca?

If you are coming from Puerto Escondido, Ventanilla beach is about 3.5 hours south by car or bus. If you are flying into Oaxaca City, it is only a 45 minute flight from the airport to Ventanilla Beach.

From the city of Oaxaca, the beach can be reached by taking a bus from the Terminal de Autobuses de Oaxaca (TAO). The TAO is located in downtown Oaxaca and is also known as the Central de Autobuses de Oaxaca. This large building has many buses going to many places. It is easy to find your way around this station because there are signs indicating where each bus leaves from and where it goes to. When you arrive at your destination, just tell them which hotel or hostel you are staying at so they can drop off your bags before you leave.