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La Placita Beach in Michoacan

La Placita beach is a hidden gem in Michoac√°n. It is located on the coast near the town of Pichi Plateado in the municipality of L√°zaro C√°rdenas. La Placita beach is still an unspoiled beach offering crystal clear waters full of coral and colorful fish, making it an ideal place for snorkeling. There are no restaurants or hotels nearby, so if you plan to go you should bring everything you need. The road leading to La Placita beach can be muddy due to the heavy rains of the summer season, but this has not stopped many locals from enjoying their favorite spot by bringing food and drink.

What to do at La Placita Beach in Michoac√°n?

La Placita beach is still a virgin beach. There are no hotels or restaurants nearby, so the only way to get there is to walk along a forest trail that leads you to this paradise. When you get to La Placita beach, you will see that it is not very wide but quite long and beautiful, with white sands and clear blue waters.

Playa La Placita

Cars are not allowed on the beach because they would damage the sand and spoil its beauty. However, don’t worry about not being able to take pictures because there are several spots where you can safely put your camera while enjoying everything around you.

La Placita has a lot of fauna and flora, such as palm trees, coconut trees, sea grasses, bushes with berries (which taste like cherries), huge rocks where some birds sleep during the day (I think they are owls). You will also find here silence and tranquility, which makes it an ideal place for meditation or just relaxing near the wonders of nature.

The Weather at La Placita Beach in Michoac√°n

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Webcam of La Placita Beach in Michoac√°n

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Where is it and how to get to La Placita Beach in Michoacan?

La Placita beach is located in the municipality of L√°zaro C√°rdenas, on the coast of Michoac√°n, near the town of Pichi Plateado. To get there from L√°zaro C√°rdenas you have to take a long road through a green forest until you reach this small town. From L√°zaro C√°rdenas it is about 45 minutes by car (45 kilometers) to La Placita beach or also known as “La Playita”.


In this place you can enjoy a great day with family and friends as it has beautiful beaches where you can swim or just walk along its pleasant coastline while enjoying different activities such as fishing and surfing. You should know that it only takes 30 minutes by bus from downtown Lazaro Cardenas to get to this place so we recommend you to stay at least one night if not more depending on the time you have available during your trip!

Hotels and Apartments near La Placita Beach

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Best Restaurants to eat at La Placita Beach in Michoac√°n

The beach is not close to any restaurants or hotels, so it is best to bring all your food and water. Also bring a tent, your own snorkeling gear, a flashlight, a towel and a hat (in case you want to take a swim). It will also help to have sunscreen and possibly a cooler full of snacks for the trip.