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Bonfil Beach in Guerrero

Although Acapulco is known for its resorts, nightclubs and nightlife, you don’t have to stray far from downtown to find a quiet place to relax on the beach. Just 15 minutes from downtown by car or cab, Bonfil Beach is one of my favorite beaches in Guerrero. Bonfil may not be as famous as other beaches on Mexico’s Pacific coast, but it has plenty of sand and surf, and fewer crowds than other nearby beaches like Caleta de Campo or Bahia de Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo.

Playa Bonfil

What to do in Bonfil Beach in Guerrero?

Some of the most important activities to consider at Bonfil Beach are the following:

  • The beach is very popular with surfers, and is known for its sandbars, which make it an ideal place to swim during low tide.
  • At high tide, this beach is ideal for surfing. The waves are good for beginners and the beach is less crowded than other beaches in Acapulco.
  • Bonfil beach is less crowded than many other beaches along the coast. It is a great place to spend a relaxing day.
  • There are surf stores nearby if you are interested in renting equipment or taking lessons.

Playa de Bonfil

The Weather in Bonfil Beach in Guerrero

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Bonfil Beach webcam in Guerrero

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Where is it and how to get to Bonfil Beach in Guerrero?

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